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Is now a terrible time to buy an i7 8700k?

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User Info: Voxwik

3 months ago#1
Edit: Another factor: is Microsoft bringing an end to being able to use Windows 7/8 keys to activate Windows 10 soon? If so that's a potential ~$200 difference if waiting too long.

I see other topics about this CPU but this particular question comes to mind reading them.

The CPU sells for $60 over the MSRP and Ryzen 2 is around the corner which has the potential to disrupt prices. This time of the year tends to be the best for prices, but considering the very large markup this CPU has is it actually a terrible time to buy it unless you have a ton of money to blow and need it now?

The short of it is I'm tempted to just say "okay here's my monster PC for now" and get the i7 8700k/32GB RAM/GTX 1080 and intend that to be my PC for half a decade or so. If Ryzen 2 is that close though, that's sounding ever more illogical especially with the 8700k going so far over the MSRP right now.

I could handle buying my dream machine now but it's a matter of logic and responsibility. My nephew's computer is an old core2 quad with a GTX 750. I have a Phenom IIx4 965 machine but I don't think that would be much a good upgrade for him. So I have a Core i7 4790k/GTX 970 with my old parts Core i5 4670k/GTX 760 in my sister's machine. I waited for Ryzen last time, and while exceeding expectations it wasn't an upgrade from my i7.

This means if I want to upgrade my nephew's machine I have a hard time deciding whether to just get him a mid/low range Ryzen or bite the bullet and make my dream machine, shifting this one to my sister and hers to my nephew. Ryzen 2 being a few months away complicates that further.

Even if barring disaster I could technically afford it (whether it's responsible spending aside), I'm very hesitant to drop the over $1500 it would probably cost to get anything that remotely justifies an upgrade from my current CPU, which from my limited research I believe would be the i7 8700k, as this topic addresses.

I could trickle down the GTX 760 to him (and upgrade his power supply) but I highly suspect the Core2 Quad would make that pointless.

I'm not even sure if the holiday GTX 1080 sales are particularly notable compared to during other parts of the year? Granted last time I put off GPU shopping prices skyrocketed.

Edit: Edited out a silly sentence saying this wasn't my topic. I decided to make a new topic rather than replying since I think the topic title is a relevant question.
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