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Best place to buy cheaper windows 10 keys

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User Info: blizord

3 months ago#1
I hear a lot of people saying that they've gotten keys for $30 or less. What is the best place to purchase these.
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User Info: mucloud

3 months ago#2
I don't know about $30 lol but The best place is Reddit Software Swap.
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User Info: boochy

3 months ago#3
Microsoft Software Swap on reddit
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User Info: Samurai_Man

3 months ago#4
I got my pro key for $20 I've heard of people getting them for $15
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User Info: SnakePlisken94

3 months ago#5
Key sites
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User Info: WalkingPlague

3 months ago#6
I knew a guy that selling Win10 Pro keys off Reddit. Sold them for $10 a piece.
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