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When people say that certain games "didn't age well" is subjective

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  3. When people say that certain games "didn't age well" is subjective

User Info: spike_spiegel

4 months ago#1
Take this article for example.

I completely disagree. I'm actually playing Max Payne for the literal first time and I absolutely love it! But if I were to believe this article I should not be able to stand it and never play it because it aged horridly and was a product of its time therefore I cannot possibly enjoy or appreciate it in 2017.

User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#2
Blogs are just amateur news journalist they think there opinion is the right one.
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User Info: arstos

4 months ago#3
Some people have a hard time going back and dealing with limitations we've since moved past, and even those of us that can have our limits. I love retro games, but I have a hell of a time going back and playing anything from the first or second gen of gaming, barring a handful of arcade games, or God forbid, 99 percent of 3d games made before the 6th gen.

That being said I replayed Max Payne a few years ago and thought it held up pretty well.
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User Info: ryouma17

4 months ago#4
spike_spiegel posted...
I'm actually playing Max Payne for the literal first time

thats the point your playing it for the first time, when people say a game hasnt aged well their usually to the graphics I.E when a game came out everyone thought it looked amazing but if you tried to play it nowadays the graphics look horrible a good example of this would be diablo 2

gameplay can be another example but isnt used as often, and on top of that max pain is an amazing game up there with super mario bros even though mario is 30 years old people of all ages still enjoy playing it, some games dont age while others very much do

User Info: SinisterSlay

4 months ago#5
Sometimes a mechanic is created or innovated and it's so much better than what came before, that it makes it hard to go back.

This applies to more than just games too.

But a game example. Digital controls. They didn't last long. And it's hard to go back to them. Analog is just better.

Lazy chase cameras. Go play mario 64 or any early 3d 3rd person game. The camera is infuriating. In modern games, the camera swings to try and predict what the player wants to look at, instead of trying to chase the player and force the player to rotate manually.

Or, a normal car example. Carbureted is really good. Nice for tuning. But terrible for an average driver coming from the EFI age. Think about it. How many of you know to pump the gas pedal once or twice to the floor before starting it? Or know what a choke is and how it works? Carbureted aged poorly.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 months ago#6
I don't think "hasn't aged well" is synonymous with "Isn't fun to play".

Max Payne really hasn't aged well. Graphics are meh, the aiming system is archaic...there's plenty wrong with it. Still fun though. Always love Sam Lake's purple prose.
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User Info: Cards_and_Hats

4 months ago#7
yes games do not age well and not only because of graphics, even mechanics that seem basic now were missing in older games

ever notice how a lot of 3rd person shooter games are now over-the-shoulder instead of straight in the middle like max payne? there are still some games that center it but the majority have switched to this mode because it displays more detail and a center camera would block your view

or how about some games like ratchet and clank where you jump with the shoulder buttons and fire with circle? trigger button shooting is so common these days but many games used face buttons before realizing the shoulder/trigger buttons felt much more natural

all this stuff seems unnoticeable until you actually go back and play it, which is why things can age

User Info: XianMei

4 months ago#8
Max Payne is one of my personal favorite games. What I'd give to be able to replay the first 2 games on windows 8.1

That said, I get where the article is coming from, and it has a point. The point being that photo realism ages really poorly. And while I take the games completely seriously and am completely drawn in by the music and the dialogue of the games and, many scenes still make me shed a few years, I can see how someone can find it super super cheesy.

Before you go after someone for having a different opinion than yours, try to understand their point of view.
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User Info: RhapsodyRage

4 months ago#9
Cards_and_Hats posted...
ever notice how a lot of 3rd person shooter games are now over-the-shoulder

And they suck ass because of it. I hate that garbage.
The cranky hermit 4 months ago#10
The phrase "didn't aged well" is a bad phrase and should not be used. And this "article" sucks - about 60% of it (no really, I measured) is talking about Max Payne's over the top dialog, as if that had anything to do with how old the game is, or as if everyone in 2001 were idiots who couldn't recognize camp if it crashed over their heads like a falling rooftop antennae tower.
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  3. When people say that certain games "didn't age well" is subjective

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