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Are Liquid CPU Coolers Worth it?

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User Info: SoulreaperX112

3 months ago#1
I was planning on going with an AMD Ryzen 1800x. I was thinking I would get into OC'ing but didn't have the plan or desire to do a full water cooling system at the moment. I figured a good middle ground would be to just get a CPU water cooler but I was not really sure what to go with or if they are even worth it. I was looking at the corsair models but reviews show a lot of pump failures within a year of use. If anyone has any recommendations or advise against it let me know.

This is the case I was planning on going with and it should fit a 280mm radiator.

This was the Mobo I was planning on going with. Saw the sale/rebate and thought it would go well with the 1800x. However, I am not sure if that I/O shield Protector would interfere with a radiator or air cooler system.

User Info: Jonbazookaboz

3 months ago#2
Yes they are worth it
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3 months ago#3
No not really, better off spending the extra 70 bucks for a different upgrade and just slapping a 212 evo on there.

Also those liquid coolers are loud as crap.
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User Info: Lord Hamm

Lord Hamm
3 months ago#4
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User Info: SoulreaperX112

3 months ago#5
I was thinking about going with the EVO If I stuck with Air cooling.Would something like the cooler master hyper d92 be better? Seems to be smaller height so I could probably fit a side fan. However it is a bit wider and might be an issue for RAM

User Info: Januzaj_Dragon

3 months ago#6
No because in time they can explode and cause Nuclear disaster resulting in high levels of radiation
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User Info: wildog2006

3 months ago#7
The AIO ones are a crapshoot. I had one a while back that had an air bubble in it so the pump clicked really loud. They wanted me to pay the shipping to RMA it, but I only paid $20 for it so I said f*** it, put it in the closet until I sold it. I told the guy it had an air bubble in it, but he didn't care.
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User Info: SoulreaperX112

3 months ago#8
Thanks for the responses. I was doing some more reading into it and yeah it seems a lot of them are hit in miss if they have problems. Better to do full custom loop systems if getting into water cooler

User Info: BrokenMachine85

3 months ago#9
For an 1800X, yes.
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User Info: Elephant Rider

Elephant Rider
3 months ago#10
Depends on what you are doing. On my processor, it's worth it. Just to not have to deal with a huge heatsink and fan, it's worth it. Especially when you're moving it and the heatsink weighs a ton and you have to pull it off the mobo to make sure it the board doesn't get damaged if the computer gets jarred. Aesthetically, in my build, it's worth it. And it's nice not to have to work around a huge heatsink. To be honest, it's also much quieter than any fan I've ever had on a heatsink.

I've been using the Corsair H105 for 2 years. So far, no problems at all with it. I replaced the stock fans with the Corsair SP model, which made it MUCH quieter.

As for a pump failure... Corsair does have a 5 year warranty, and from what I've heard they're RMA service is great. Worst that happens if a pump fails is your computer shutdowns, you RMA the thing or get a new one, and go on down the road. It seems if the pump is gonna fail, it does it sooner than later.

Personally, I always thought AIO coolers were stupid and crap. And they used to be. When I built this system I wanted more cooling on the processor (5820K), but I didn't want to build a custom loop just for the processor. I started looking more at AIOs and realized they're not the crap they used to be. They've come a long way, especially if you get one from a reputable brand. I'm quite happy with mine. I don't think I'll ever go back to air on the processor.
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