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CPU temp at 100c, closed loop cooling.

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User Info: thelocalhentai

6 months ago#1
Have a 6700k hooked up to a closed loop cooling radiator. Every time I turn on my computer, the fan would go nuts (sounds like a vacuum), then slowly cool down to around 83 degrees and then slowly move in and out of around 100c.

Turned it off tonight, thinking it may just be a temp sensor problem since the set up is fairly new (just started having this problem today) and the cpu has consistently always been around 35 even during higher loads, but the output pipe was hot.

Didn't want to risk damaging the unit by keeping it on for too long but did check the cpu usage beforehand and there weren't any abnormal usages (30% on os start up).

What steps should I take right now? Parts do have warranty but I would rather attempt solving the problem first than having to do that off the bat.

User Info: Shinkoden

6 months ago#2
If I were you I'd be looking at the pump on that AIO and see if it's working. I had a friend that had one give out and his CPU did the same thing, immediately starting getting crazy hot.

User Info: SaiDucc

6 months ago#3
Could be anything, best to just RMA it first. If it happens with the replacement, then it's either you not fitting it correctly or too tightly or try connecting to a diff fan header (maybe a fan header is faulty)
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User Info: mucloud

6 months ago#4
Ya those are hard to diagnose RMA it and see if that fixes it. You need to take it apart to see what's wrong it's not worth it.
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User Info: Silvererazor

6 months ago#5
-You can try to reseat the pump and apply new thermal paste.
-Look, if the thing leaks
-try to hear, if the pump itself pumps water.
-check the watertemps.
-check the voltage of your CPU in the BIOS.

If nothing helps, RMA the cooler.
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