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Any recommended PC speakers?

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User Info: MasterFeeler

3 months ago#21
ToastyOne posted...
MasterFeeler posted...
Buy the Swan M10. Currently using it right now. Solid $100 speakers. Almost on par to AE A2+.

I've had my Swans M10 speakers for almost 10 years. They still sound great but they look horrible on my desk now.

The ones I have are the white ones or I should say were the white ones, now they have turned decidely yellow. I think Hivi used the same plastic used to make Super Nintendo consoles.

I bought a can of black spray paint for using on plastics and gonna fix the problem. Hopefully the end up looking decent and not like crap.

Honestly I'm getting tired of this big ass center speaker taking up so much space on my desk. I might get those $200 speakers posted earlier eventually.

Yeah, I read about those problems with the color white, so I bought the black ones instead.

Yeah, it sucks it's on the table but it's still pretty good.
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User Info: betatech

2 months ago#23
Anyone have experience of the Logitech Z906?

I know they're a surround sound system but they were on offer at £149 with multiple inputs including toslink (handy for a secondary system I have) and gives me the option of surround sound in the future even if I only use 2.1 for now.
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User Info: Chass1990

2 months ago#24
I think they're a steal at that price. I would jump on it assuming everything works ok
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