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Black friday monitor deals

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User Info: EvilBookworm

5 months ago#1
So, I have an ancient monitor. No idea the specs, it was a gift, had it for at least a decade. I'm looking to get a better one this year, so that my 6950 (I know, it's old as well, but newer than the monitor) will be able to display a bit better at least, and so I'm not bottleneck ed when I do get a new gfx. Still on a budget, looking fr around 100 $ or so max. The thing is, I don't know what makes a good monitor. Has anyone noticed a sale or something that is a good bargain?

Thank you for your time.
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User Info: I_suk_at_golf

5 months ago#2
You can get a decent 1080p monitor for around $100, but I doubt that 6950 will be able to power anything on it. Not at full resolution at least.

User Info: zhenghan

5 months ago#3
if ur 6950 has 2GB vram it should be able to play some stuff still, but 1GB vram isn't really enough for 2017
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