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Best game of 2017

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User Info: zhenghan

4 months ago#21
Noraneko_Vel posted...
zhenghan posted...
Blue Reflection

Haven't bought it yet, but I've been real hyped ever since the first announcement (I trust Gust after the modern Atelier series and Ciel/Ar Nosurge)

Could you do me a favor and explain why you enjoyed it that much?
Also, I heard even the highest difficulty in the Japanese version was too low, did they patch an additional difficulty setting in (i.e. if you picked the highest difficulty, how was it)?

For me bcuz its a game about japanese schoolgirls and graphics is pretty good. Really relaxing. A bit similar to persona 4 in some ways.
"dude i am like a 10 th grader,i am not smart i am not smart okay.i know basic english not level 100 english lol" -stephanielish

User Info: Ivany2008

4 months ago#22
Powertoolz posted...
randomoaf posted...
richisdisturbed posted...
Mario Odyssey.

Although I think 2017 has been pretty poor overall.

Agreed on 1, wrong on the other. We've been on fumes since '15. '15 had:

GTA V, Witcher 3, MGS V, Pillars of Eternity, SC2: LotV, Rocket League, City Skylines, Fallout 4, Rainbow Six Siege, MKX, Dying Light

Stellaris, Watchdogs 2, Street Fighter V, Far Cry Primal, Dead Rising 4, Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Divinity OS2, F1 '17, Rez Infinite, What Remains of Edith Finch, Cuphead, Wolfenstein II, TW:W II, Project Cars 2, Assassin's Creed: Origins, Nier Automata, RE7, Tekken 7, Forza 7, NiOh, The Evil Within 2, Prey, Torment: ToN, South Park, ME:Shadow of War, Endless Space 2, Tales of Berseria, Dirt 4, Rime, ST: Bridge Crew, Outlast, Gigantic, CoD: WW2, Battlefront 2, Sonic Mania

Not including console exclusives. To be quite honest, if nothing came out next year I wouldn't even be mad.

Thanks for the breakdown. I'm still stuck in 2015 guess that was a great year. 2017 looks weak in comparison.

depends on your definition of a great year. MGS5 and FO4 were probably the worst games of that year, though it did have Grand Theft Auto 5 and the still played to this day Rocket League.

User Info: Galbias

4 months ago#23
currently looking like Hollow Knight. Mario could end up better once I play it though, and maaaaaybe DOS2.

User Info: kyosuke34

4 months ago#24
The MMO genre is amazingly stagnant. It makes money, but creatively speaking, it's dead.

User Info: Charged151

4 months ago#25
Here is my current top 4 list...
1. Nier Automata
2. Persona 5
3. Nioh
4. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia

-All are really great games that I never felt any gaming fatigue no matter how long I played them. Heck, I even did two full Nier Automata playthroughs (one on normal, then one on hard) and may give it one more go in preparation to do the hardest Arena DLC. We will see.
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