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Xcom Enemy within is so confusing....

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User Info: NoJobBob

3 months ago#1
Specifically with build orders and not screwing yourself over...Very tough game to get used to. Is there any definite guide for your base/troops? Playing on normal

Like I am seeing people saying to rush gene mods, but is that after I get stuff such as additional party members?

User Info: BearShrooms

3 months ago#2
While it makes sense, the time limits and forced occurances ruined the game for me.

User Info: ReeNoiP

3 months ago#3
There isn't really an exact recipe for success, which is part of what makes the game fun. That being said, prioritizing getting sattelites up is extremely helpful.

Larger squad size is relatively cheap for how helpful it is. You should get that maxed out early on. Gene mods are more of a mid-late game thing. Mechs get more power earlier on, so it's up to you if you want to utilize that. You are going to be pressed on resources if you try to get both mech and genemods up and running at the same time, so pick one or the other unless you really know what you are doing.

User Info: vlado_e

3 months ago#4
On normal it doesn't matter TOO much but it's not a cakewalk, either. In relation to a "definitive guide" the game does unfortunately suffer from that. The basics are "rush satelites ASAP". Sure, you do need to balance that with your other needs but, in general, you want to be churning satellites as often as possible and any resources leftover go to other things. Squad size definitely being one of those early on. You need satellites, so you can launch them over countries on the verge of panic, so save them for just few days before the council report - if there is any XCOM member that is about to drop out (full panic bar), then launch a satellite over them. If there aren't any or if you have leftover satellites, then launch them over the countries that will give you more money (USA and Russia, IIRC) and then you can work towards continental bonuses.

Gene mods/MECs aren't something you generally rush in the same way as the things above but you do want them sooner. At leas one. In general, gene mods just make your troops better by adding abilities, like being able to jump on high ground, extra accuracy after miss, etc., while a MEC gives you a completely new type of soldier on the battlefield. MECs are really useful to rush, as they open up a lot of potential once you have them. Make one with a flamethrower and you can now roast an entire group of Thin Men with one shot. It's definitely godsend early on, while gene mods need more time and reasearch to get to the good stuff, as well as more surgery time and meld for a soldier to get them, so, while they really make supersoldiers, you won't really get that immediately. The high jump ability is available earlier and it's very good for, say, snipers, so they can position but not all soldiers will really need that.

At any rate, in terms of research you probably want to rush better weaponry fast. When you get lasers, things get a lot easier.
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User Info: NoJobBob

3 months ago#5
So lasers over carpace armor? I feel like this game could be really fun, but man it is just a very overwhelming game for a noob

User Info: johnny_pay

3 months ago#6
There was a guide to have a good start. If you search around you should be able to find it.

User Info: vlado_e

3 months ago#7
NoJobBob posted...
So lasers over carpace armor?

Definitely. In XCOM's case, offence really is the best defence - if you kill the alien they aren't able to shoot you, any more, while if you just sit there enduring blows, they can do nasty stuff like critical strikes, panic or maybe extra recovery time after the mission.

NoJobBob posted...
I feel like this game could be really fun, but man it is just a very overwhelming game for a noob

It is. There are lots of things and systems that you don't know about when you start. It's best to accept that there would be mistakes and you may need to restart or reload at least few times until you get the hang of it. The early game is especially brutal, since you aren't yet given the tools to do much in the game and all you do is react while the world metaphorically (and not only) burns around you. Once you get to the mid game things shift and you start being able to take on aliens on your terms while soon after the difficulty curve inverts and you start stomping them under your boots. Still, getting there is the hard part.
We do what we must / because we can. / For the good of all of us. / Except the ones who are dead.

User Info: Ultimate_Noob

3 months ago#8
Satellites. Rush those satellites, but it's wisest to only actually launch them when panic is high or just before evaluations because it's possible for them to get destroyed. Gene mods aren't really worth rushing because you won't have many unlocked or enough MELD in the beginning to actually make use of them. MEC's are powerful but there's more imperative ways you could be spending money early on than trying to push out a MEC or two.

There aren't many timed missions, so take your time moving forward. On difficulties like Impossible it's pretty much necessary to do as much Squad Sight sniping as possible. Don't underestimate the Sniper's battle scanner or Support's smoke grenade, or even the flashbang grenade.

Avoid the nanofiber vest and don't make them. They're useless.
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User Info: Boge

3 months ago#9
BearShrooms posted...
While it makes sense, the time limits and forced occurances ruined the game for me.

Xcom Enemy Unknown/Within had time limits? I don't recall that, and if it did, they didn't bother me.

After playing a lot of Xcom 2, the timers are a little annoying, but without them, the missions are quite easy. I can understand the reason they're there.

Also, mods... Don't let one small thing ruin a game for you when it's so easily fixed.
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User Info: Voidgolem

3 months ago#10
The main and only thing to keep in mind is that places can't be targetted by abductions (and thus have their terror level go up) if they have a satellite at the start of the month.

ergo, your number 1 priority is to get satellites and satellite nexuses running ASAP.
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