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Know any good survival/building type games?

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User Info: Kinoringan

4 months ago#21
Unreal world

User Info: kaufmaniac

4 months ago#22
State Of Decay.The base management it's pretty basic.And you hardly do anything in the base.You are going to spend more time building your survivors in different ways.Over all i think it's one of the best zombie games i have ever played.Perhaps the only bad thing i can say about it.It's that it gets super easy in the late game.When you become a one man army.

Dead State.This one is a bit more deep regarding the management of your base and the survivors.For example sometimes you might lose survivors if you mess up in certain situations that happen in your base.Unfortunately the game interface is super rough and outdated.As well as the graphics.It's a shame.Cause i think this game could have been amazing if they had more funding.
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