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Wow, so does anyone like Firefox v57 Quantum?

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  3. Wow, so does anyone like Firefox v57 Quantum?

User Info: Milennin

4 months ago#31
I love it. It's a straight upgrade of what I used before.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

4 months ago#32
You could always try uMatrix instead of NoScript. Works the same way, but it's a bit more complicated. Made by the same guy that makes uBlock.
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User Info: cody4783

4 months ago#33
I miss:
-Tabs on bottom
-Tab MIX Plus features (Open new tabs next to current, tab bar customization)
-Dark themes that turned menus and such dark.. Not just skinning the title bar black and calling it done.

Other than that, which is all cosmetic, and a couple add-ons I used that I found replacements for, the update is fine.

Hoping at the very least TMP gets updated or there's a way to NOT open new tabs at the far right. And I really don't like having tabs at the top rather than the bottom of the window ; But evidently that's unfixable with the lower toolbar options being gone.

So yeah.. Past cosmetics, it's still a web browser that operates pretty quickly. Still have Ublock Origin working, so the rest is just personal UI preference.
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User Info: farigonti

4 months ago#34
But can it run Crysis?

User Info: el_tercer_poder

4 months ago#35
ClunkerSlim posted...
They broke No Script (the only reason I even use FireFox)
They're working on a Firefox 57 version.
Should be up during this week.
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User Info: FL81

4 months ago#36
It's fine on mobile, where I don't have any add-ons installed 😔

User Info: JustAndrew88

4 months ago#37
The UI needs some work. The empty spaces on the sides of the URL bar look stupid. Other than a few minor complaints it's way better than previous versions. A hell of a lot faster too.
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User Info: Doolz2024

4 months ago#38
F0cu5 posted...
The Android version shoves news in your face whenever you open a new tab which I am very miffed about. Hate all these companies thinking we need to constantly be seeing sensationalist headlines everywhere in our lives (Windows start screen for example). No way to turn it off which is the real problem.

False. There is a way to turn it off.

Settings > General > Home > Top Sites > uncheck Recommended by Pocket

It's ridiculous that it's this buried in the settings. It took me a while to find it, but yeah, there's a way.

User Info: nominturddaddy

4 months ago#39
I haven't had any issues yet, but I also don't run NoScript, and I don't keep bookmarks. The addons I did have installed transferred over immediately. The new look is just there to me, I understand these people like changing the visuals when a major update happens to make it more obvious to genpop that doesn't fiddle with any of their settings. Just boots and goes to Facebook, a news site, and games like Candy Crush, so if the new look weren't there, most people wouldn't know a major update had occurred.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

4 months ago#40
I dislike that my android browsing is crap now due to my share button to bottom add on doesn't work for it now. 😤
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