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Racing game with custom tracks

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User Info: F0cu5

3 months ago#1
10 years ago I made a bunch of maps for Counter-Strike. I thought it was really cool you could create levels from scratch and play them online with people. It wasn't just limited in-game editor stuff.

Is there a similar structure for any decent PC racing game? I know that several simulators allow fully custom tracks but I can never really get into these, and the communities seem to want real life tracks more than the stuff I'd dream up. Some of the really old NFS games allowed custom tracks and these games are kind of the theme I'm seeking but I'd like something more modern and flexible. Does such a game exist?
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User Info: ablerider

3 months ago#2
Trackmania games.

User Info: Pauken

3 months ago#3
ablerider posted...
Trackmania games.

Technically ingame rather than using a toolkit.

See,I'm the opposite of TC. I suck at making maps using the highly advanced toolkits and would much rather have ingame editors, or at least the OPTION to use noob-friendly tilebased designs if I so choose. Unfortunately that kind of console-ized map editor is very rare on PC, especially for FPS games, which makes my map making itch very unsatisfied.

I would absolutely love to see DOOM Snapmaps in a less gore-focused FPS game, like, say, TF2 (yes it has gore, but unlike DOOM it has sillygibs, which effectively removes the offensive part of the gore and replaces it with lulz), or Serious Sam (also gory, but the hippie/kids blood options turn blood and gore into flowers and vegetables/sparkles and candy respectively, removing my only issue), but apparently consoleized map makers aren't popular for PC users and thus it's limited to just DOOM :(

User Info: eddy1nsane

3 months ago#4
SODA Offroad
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User Info: F0cu5

3 months ago#5
I love Trackmania buts it's actually exactly what I was thinking of when I mentioned wanting something deeper than an in-game, pre-baked editor. SODA looks fun but it's from the same era as NFS 3/4. Are there any more modern games out there?
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User Info: wantfastcars

3 months ago#6
GRIP is supposed to have a track editor when the full release hits (as in, UE4 based track creation tools, not an in game editor), but at the rate they're going that's probably years away. It's a good game though, if you like racers, and every penny helps the devs.

There's as well, which I believe supports external course creation tools via... Well it used to be Unity but it changed a couple months ago and I forget the new engine.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 months ago#7
Monster truck madness 2 throws you in the deep end. But the community made tool traxx is way better than the Microsoft made tracked2.
It's a real shame Bill, the guy that created traxx, committed suicide. I never got to meet him but he must have been a hell of a smart guy to reverse engineer everything.
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User Info: SilentHawk29

3 months ago#8
Assetto Corsa. People don't want just realistic tracks. I love the city based tracks that I can just drift around in.
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User Info: F0cu5

3 months ago#9
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Unfortunately this basically confirms my belief that the only options are really old games, simulators, or simple in-game editors. I feel like this is such a missed opportunity. Devs, if you're listening! Make an arcade racer for PC with the ability to mod everything!

I'll check out Ballistic - never heard of that.
Trying risks failure; refraining guarantees it
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