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DC Universe Online worth trying again?

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User Info: KenshiroX

3 months ago#1
Used to play it at launch, liked the concept, hated having click powers AND having to pull of fighting game style controller attacks or mouse/keyboard to do certain moves. Just wondering if it's worth trying again now that Marvel Heroes is getting blown away in 6 weeks.

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 months ago#2
I always found it worse than Champions Online. It had horrific progression. No matter how strong you go, enemies could 1 or 2 shot you. Got boring fast. Champions had such crazy amounts of options for customizing your character and playing however you want.
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User Info: KenshiroX

3 months ago#3
I liked Champions, but sometimes it seems like you were so overloaded with options you didn't know what to do. I haven't played it in years.

User Info: Powertoolz

3 months ago#4
Not really but not much else fills that niche. If you really like super hero rpgs it's good enough.

User Info: HappyBull

3 months ago#5
It was dope af back when I played for the first time. Had huge bat wings with devil horns and s*** and was flying everywhere like a muthaf***a killing random ass players and npcs lol.

Dont know why I stopped guess other games just caught my interest.
"Lol @ 30 hours on a demo. I can watch porn for 30 hours, doesn't mean it takes me that long to beat." - HappyBull
Truer words have never been spoken!

User Info: MasteroftheArts

3 months ago#6
I got mad that they changed the attack animations of some of the mentalist line and essentially moved them behind one of the dlc lines.

It's a pretty average game and hasn't really changed much. From what I remember last time I played it, it's kind of showing its age.
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