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How do you convince somebody dead set on Intel/Nvidia to switch to AMD?

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  3. How do you convince somebody dead set on Intel/Nvidia to switch to AMD?

User Info: randomoaf

4 months ago#11
You don't. If they want to spend absurd money on nothing but word of mouth and brand perception then let them.

User Info: Terantatek

4 months ago#12
PhilOnDez posted...
HappyBull posted...
btw Phil who said that in your sig? That's some deep s*** lol

It's from a System of a Down song lol. Mild language:

Serj Tankian. My favorite singer, and I believe in his cause for Armenia.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 months ago#13
He definitely has an amazing voice, one of my favorites as well.
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User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#14
HappyBull posted...
that smokes way too much dank kush.

... If their ass is dark/moist how do you smoke it? I mean if it's dank it should have enough lube without needing the KY, right?


As for the topic question, I don't. AMD's GPU hardware still generally if not a(lmost a)lways over-draws power and over-produces heat in comparison to comparable nVidia products, and both Vulkan and DirectX 12 game libraries are too small to be a significant component in hardware choice.

AMD's CPUs have definitely stepped up in comparison to the last round, but they seem to have gotten back into that boat they were in in the Phenom II era where they're 66% of the price for 80% of the performance in games and 120% of the performance in non-gaming work. That's great and all if you do a lot of non-gaming stuff that benefits from AMD's CPUs, but if gaming is your sole focus then it's probably better to pay the Intel Tax and go from there.

Nothing against AMD, mind you and especially since most of my hardware purchases over the last 15 years have been AMD CPUs/GPUs, but I'm a tad bit too practical to deal with the down sides to their GPUs and the "Eventually game developers will make engines that really utilize AMD's hardware" pie in the sky predictions for their CPUs.

Depending on how AMD does with their second or third generation of "Threadripper" I might consider switching back, but the current stuff doesn't seem like a cost-effective improvement over my 4690k for gaming.
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User Info: Dukaduka1k82

4 months ago#15
Well I would show them (aka you) the extra cash you will be able to spend on a gpu.
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  3. How do you convince somebody dead set on Intel/Nvidia to switch to AMD?

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