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MMORPGs are driving me slowly insane...

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User Info: giglamesh99

5 months ago#21
You may like black desert online.

You definitely do a lot of killing. You can see your character get stronger with each level and gear increase.

The story is meh, and the questing sucks, but the combat is very satisfying and like I said, you'll be fighting a lot.

User Info: AceTheFace

5 months ago#22
MMO's are dead.

Sorry you missed the golden years in PC gaming.

Star Wars Galaxies & WoW

A bunch of great MMO's before those and even SWTOR looked good until it wasn't.

User Info: Hexenherz

5 months ago#23
I did catch the tail end of SWG (before the big patch), but I felt so far behind and lost I just gave up on it. Explored for a while and that was fun, but... yeah.

Played Puzzle Pirates for a looong time when it was in the beta, and that s*** was also fun, but after the release I couldn't justify paying the monthly sub since no one else I knew played it.

I guess I could maybe try out Anarchy Online or something? idk -_-. World of Warcraft to me is like EVE - it's really fun reading the stories about events and strange player activities, but the setting and (at least my perception of) the gameplay isn't exciting.
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User Info: Kokuei05

5 months ago#24
The last mmo I've played was Dragon Nest and that was 5 years ago. Plus the only reason I played it in the first place was because it was co-op. I thought the boss fights were very fun.
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User Info: zhenghan

5 months ago#25
the game i really miss is talesweaver. best MMORPG experience i had, i've been waiting for the english release of this mmorpg for 14 years damn...
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User Info: Hexenherz

5 months ago#26
Shroud of the Avatar seemed like a good concept, but I tried that out during a free trial and got frustrated early on at this one quest where I had to get a painting back from bandits at a swamp and I spent a good half hour killing bandits and never saw the painting >_> Also the map didn't work at all.

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User Info: Yewolife

5 months ago#27
What are your guys' thoughts on PUBG's developer (Bluehole Studio) new mmo Ascent: Infinite Realm.

Personally I was pretty excited at first but then got turned off hard once I found out it was also being worked alongside the team from TERA which at least for my own tastes really dislike their art direction.

Bland colors, overly fanservice races (whether lots of T&A tall people, or loli girls). I'm a guy I like these things, but I can almost guarantee 90% (minimum) of the player base will be dudes. Haha usually I don't care for playerbase gender, but for a MMORPG its pretty imporant to me that its not a sausage fest like TERA, and Black Desert, Blade&Soul and other mmos of the like. So far from the trailer it seems the bluehole seems to have the taste to reign in the typical korean fanservice, but still that bland color pallet of the world is still just as dominant.

That said though the gameplay variety is interesting (though still stiff compared to singleplayer games), and I wonder what payment model they go for. Chances are I wont be playing it myself with what I've seen so far.

User Info: Hexenherz

5 months ago#28
I ... don't really think gender makes that much of a difference in gaming (in general) and I don't really care if a game is 100% guys or 100% girls or somewhere in between >_>.

The Ascent game looks pretty awesome, and I love the airships. I'll probably check it out when it releases.
Pantheon is another one I'm looking forward to.
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

5 months ago#29
If Bluehole Studios' mmo is getting help from the people at En Masse, I hope it's not like TERA. Good combat system but everything except BAM's made me go glaze-eyed. Felt like they should've just cut out all the brainless kill quests and funnel zones, and just let you go after big baddies whether solo or grouped.
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