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MMORPGs are driving me slowly insane...

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  3. MMORPGs are driving me slowly insane...

User Info: Hexenherz

4 months ago#1
There is a very big schism in my psyche... I really want to play an MMORPG because the concept of doing quests, getting stronger, finding better loot, and killing things in dungeons is very, very appealing.

But then the gameplay is atrocious. I tried FFXIV, couldn't make it past level 14 before getting bored with all the identical quests. Got back into ESO for a couple weeks, had some fun with that but ... same thing, cleared three zones 100% and then got tired of spamming the same three attacks because there's no decent rotation scheme in that game.

I've tried GW2 in the past, did not get a sense of progression at all from that game.

Played the hell out of The Secret World but can't even finish all the Tokyo content in the relaunch because I'm burned out on it and the loot mechanics are.... well, non-existent.

It just doesn't seem like there are many good choices out there :\
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User Info: Nixemo

4 months ago#2
If you haven't tried Old School RuneScape, I recommend giving it a shot. It's the best classic style MMO there is if you don't mind the graphics being dated. I'll give you a 14 day membership bond if you end up liking it after trying f2p for a bit, just PM me.
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User Info: zhenghan

4 months ago#3
MMOs haven't really evolved in the last decade or so. I'm just playing tree of savior I guess. The good things going for this MMO is (imo): Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, PvP, and it's on the east coast.

But yea, if I had a s*** ton of time I'd probably resub to FF14. But FF14 is just a highly polished WoW clone.
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User Info: Yewolife

4 months ago#4
Yea unfortunately there really isn't much to choose from if you really want a MMORPG experience that actually holds a light close to the plethora of single player rpgs we've grown accustom to.

The only MMORPG I actually see value enough to play is FFXIV, and I to can concure with you on how dated it is terms of it's combat/questing/mechanics. But, that also is it's strength in being more mass appealing to both male and female players, and out of all the mmos out there FFXIV is the only one with a noticeable amount of actual female players haha. At least that's been my experience being a avid voice chatter in the game. Also FFXIV is the only mmo where the story is actually worth not skipping.

That aside though, unfortunately there is no decent full package MMORPG atm and likely not anytime soon with the current difficulty in making a mmo in this economy.

User Info: Hypertext_Eye

4 months ago#5
Nothing in your post indicates that you actually want to play with other people, so I would suggest trying single player RPGs instead.

User Info: I_suk_at_golf

4 months ago#6
The Old Republic?

User Info: CrestedTax

4 months ago#7
I agree with you. The concept of MMORPGs is very interesting, but most of them are mind-numbingly boring and so time consuming it's not even funny.
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User Info: yars

4 months ago#8
there are tons of single player rpgs that can give you a sense of progression, and are just better games than mmorpgs because they forego the mmo nonsense.
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User Info: nominturddaddy

4 months ago#9
Have you not played WoW?
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User Info: -CJF-

4 months ago#10
I also found FFXIV to be boring until endgame. The low levels are especially boring because you have very few skills. Even at higher levels, the game is boring outside of raids. All of the other content feels pointless because the best rewards come from the raids and the weekly dungeon tome gear is sufficient to clear most raids. The crafting and profession systems are very elaborate but feel pointless because you can just buy what you need from other people on the market board.

The raids are very well done and challenging the first few times through, but after you remember the order of all the attacks it just becomes routine clearing until the next raid tier is released. Also, the community is somewhat toxic and very intolerant of people new to any boss fight.

Tbh I feel the same way about the state of MMORPG games atm. I will probably try the legacy WoW servers once they are released but I have been drifting away from MMORPGs, they are kind of too time consuming anyway.
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  3. MMORPGs are driving me slowly insane...

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