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Connecting computer to TV?

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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 months ago#11
^On that note, it's also possible his TV has mini- or micro-HDMI inputs. That's important to know as well...
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 months ago#12
OrangePoet posted...
Number11_1 posted...
I use HDMI it works fine

Huh. That’s weird... I tried an HDMI cable but it wouldn’t fit. I guess I could try a different HDMI cable.

What kind of GPU do you have?

Pretty much every GPU made in a good while has a HDMI and Display port on them. I am wondering if you are trying to plug a HDMI cord into a display port.
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

3 months ago#13
My 50' HDTV has both HDMI and VGA ports(analog RGB cable). I use HDMI with my newer gaming PC but used the VGA port for my older laptop that has propriety programs licensed only to it that I didn't want to delete. I mostly set that laptop to the side but I can always dig it up and hook it up via the VGA port if necessary if I want to use a bigger screen.

Most newer TV's though don't have a VGA port anymore and most modern GPUs in PCs use either HDMI or DVI outputs to attach to monitors or TV's.

You could find conversion cables to fit your needs if necessary.

User Info: captsplatter_1

3 months ago#14
Take a pic of the back of your GPU. Mine has 3 Display ports (why 3?) an HDMI port, and I think a VGA.
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