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Curious why people always quote G2G as input lag.

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User Info: zhenghan

4 months ago#31
ElDudorino posted...
zhenghan posted...
And then there is the fact that the response time could be 5ms on one part of the screen, but 15ms on another part. Are they going to quote the lowest, the highest, or the average? My money's on lowest xD just because it looks that much better on the box.

Is it actually different at different parts of the screen? If so then yeah for sure they would want to quote the fastest part.

The funny thing though is that I don't even think it's a real battle. "1ms", "5ms", "8ms", at the end of the day is anybody even really noticing ghosting on any of these displays? The last time I was like damn look out for that ghosting, I was looking at a PSP display.

I'm not sure how relevant response time is for evaluating the motion blur performance of monitors/TVs, but this is generally a metric you should care about for gaming because you want there to be as little motion blur as possible.
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 months ago#32
Kokuei05 posted...
G2G and contrast on monitors are complete bulls*** because there isn't a standard every companies uses and they all use arbitary loopholes to make their product more appealing than it actually is.

I'll use my monitor as an example. NEC EA232WMI, if you google it, you'll see the G2G as 14ms. At first glance, you'll be "WTF".

Then you look at a review of it,, and see it has an incredibly low 8.1ms input lag compared to CRT.

You just did what TC is talking about. You think that response time is the input lag. Response time is related to ghosting, input lag is related to an inputbeing pressed and then the onscreen reaction (and a couple other things).

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 months ago#33
Samurai_Man posted...
Mr kitty posted...
It's because some people can't handle decimal value & their IQ goes down.

Although I don't believe those numbers, because the average input lag of a monitor screen is 16ms although advertise 8ms.

I read somewhere not too long ago that most advertised monitors that had 1ms response times was actually closer to 5-8ms.

It's grey to grey response times, and iirc, most monitors actually do hit their rated gtg response on that specific shade of grey used for testing, and usually a few other shades.
Color to color, on the other hand, typically takes longer, and even fairly good displays often have a transition or two in there that can take a lot more than the advertised spec. Hell, I can find measurements of some VA panels coming in at over 100ms at the worst of times.
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User Info: Sonorous_Jon1S8

4 months ago#34
Pixel response time is just one aspect of input lag, and input lag comes down to a variety of factors adding up.. As far as I'm aware you cant even believe half the specs listed for displays because there arent standardized testing methods and they cheat like hell.

User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
4 months ago#35
Pixel Response time & Input lag is 2 different stuff. Both are measured in ms. Yeah, stupidity is high when people see decimal value.

Although you can spot cheaters in fps, because games do have native input lag from buffering codes. If the player always fires people at under 265ms, although the game native codes pull at least 96ms of lag, it mean the player react consistently at 169ms... Although human reaction time is usually around 250ms...

User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#36
MASKOAAA posted...
I always see them quote the 1ms.......or 5ms.....people do know thats not input lag right?

Why would you expect people to know something more esoteric like that when most don't even know that "input lag" isn't input lag?

But eh, whatever. Let them talk about output-only devices as if they have any capacity for input. /shrugs.
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