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if PUBG doesnt win GOTY this means PC is dying..

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  3. if PUBG doesnt win GOTY this means PC is dying..

User Info: Mike_24_7

5 months ago#41
typical PC elitist hating on what is new and hot always trying to kick down and punish what is trending out of some anger with spite but soon 3 Million concurrent players will be seen on PUBG

the crab mentality is real with the PC

and the same as people who are hating on EA who will buy its game anyways
Lazy devs & Lazy shills don't like me

User Info: Pox

5 months ago#42
It's fun, but definitely not GOTY material. Hell, it's still pretty unoptimized and buggy. - Save Net Neutrality

User Info: jjyiz28

5 months ago#43
these awards don't mean s***.. who really give a f***

User Info: R_Jackal

5 months ago#44
Found it pretty boring tbh, not GotY material. Buggy mess and kinda repetitive. Fun romp every once in a while with friends.

User Info: Marikhen

5 months ago#45
Why would Pony Underground: Blind Greed be Game of the Year?
Logic is the antithesis of faith, else why is it that faith defies logic while logic denies faith?

User Info: kyosuke34

5 months ago#46
Looked it up... Early access only? 6/10 steam reviews? Over 15,000 negative reviews? Game of the year 0.o

This has got to be some serial trolling
The MMO genre is amazingly stagnant. It makes money, but creatively speaking, it's dead.

User Info: jjyiz28

5 months ago#47
whew.. PC gaming aint dead yet boys... =/ idiots

User Info: Januzaj_Dragon

5 months ago#48
Nioh = GOTY.
The Real Top 3 of 2017: 1- Nioh | 2- Ninja Gaiden Black | 3- Persona 5

User Info: RainblowDash

5 months ago#49
PUBG's popularity has already signified the death of PC gaming
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User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

5 months ago#50
I follow em on Twitter and they already won 2 GOTY awards, no?
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  3. if PUBG doesnt win GOTY this means PC is dying..

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