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I have to admit Quantum is faster

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User Info: JoboHotep

3 months ago#71
youshallbeasgod posted...
Djoser2000 posted...
Why are people always asking about NoScript?

After Quantum hit I tried uMatrix and it's far superior.

uMatrix works as adblocker too
One addon to rule them all

Yeah, I'm still reading through the wiki, but uMatrix seems to be doing what I want, so I'm really happy with it so far.

The additional info and options beyond what NoScript gave is really nice also, now that I'm reading what it all does.
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User Info: Hexenherz

3 months ago#72
Pauken posted...
Eh, Waterfox is better.

Mostly because of legacy addons, but also because thanks to utilizing multiple 64-bit cores it beats the snot out of FF's performance.

In addition to what Moonse said...
There's no guarantee that Waterfox is going to remain pre-Quantumified. The guy's on a couple week/month delay behind the latest Firefox releases... so yeah, it's got legacy support because you're using a legacy version of the browser right now >_>.
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