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What do I need to plug a CRT into a 1060 GTX?

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User Info: jake-sf

4 months ago#21
Well I got the piece of s***s active adapters and they don't work.


f*** this s***. And all the quality monitors are 300-400 CA$ which I don't have.

Looks like I'll have to return the 1060 GTX and get a 960 lol.

Apparently everyone talking about active adapters don't know that they don't work with the 1060 GTX.
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 months ago#22
Define “doesn’t work.” Are you talking about not getting above 60Hz or it won’t do anything?

User Info: wentzelot

4 months ago#23
Only reason to use crt is for retro consoles in which case you only need 60hz or you can buy a different GPU with the correct output

User Info: jake-sf

4 months ago#24
ClunkerSlim posted...
Define “doesn’t work.” Are you talking about not getting above 60Hz or it won’t do anything?

It won't do anything with the 1060 GTX. It does work with the integrated video card but outputs 60 hz and disconnects after 15-30 seconds after which I have to unplug-replug the whole thing.

Works fine with other monitors that aren't old CRTs but have a VGA plug but doesn't work for CRT.
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User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 months ago#25
Lol using CRT in 2017 and not refererring to the giant somewhat modern HD CRT's with standard inputs that came out 10 or so years ago..

Should try and research getting a job instead OP, you poor af.

User Info: mucloud

3 months ago#26
You will need a HDMI to DVI or VGA port one side HDMI and the other side to what will fit you CRT monitor.
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User Info: jake-sf

3 months ago#27
I'm actually reading that the DisplayPort to VGA is the right option.

I have a few quotes:

"Just get a DisplayPort to VGA adapter. This conversion (which has no latency) is part of the DisplayPort spec, which is why active DP-to-VGA adapters cost $10 at Monoprice. Make sure you get an active adapter, though.

Analog video output on modern graphics cards is unecessary, specifically because analog adapters are supported by DP."

Another one:

"Many of you are aware that in most recent gpu's AMD replaced DVI-I for a DVI-D port, it does not support analog signal like DVI-I, so a passive DVI to VGA adapter will not longer work.

Normally you will have to buy an expensive active converter that introduces a bit of input lag making the purpose of using a fast CRT for games meaningless.

But searching through a lot on google, i found out that the Display port standard was designed to simplify the coversion from digital to analog, making possible the fabrication of cheap active converters.

Example of a cheap active Display port adapter: link It even supports eyefinity and should work fine for most AMD gpu's.

I'm currently using one with my old Dell p990 CRT monitor, works at 1280x1024 85hz no problems. Crimson detects the monitor correctly as ULTRASCANP990, hope this helps someone :)"

Of course I only stumble upon those much later. I will try the DP to VGA adapter and report because why not, if anyone else stumbles here I want them to have the answer.

Oh yes, by the way: My 1060 GTX was just dead. Period. I had a faulty one and I will have to take it back. LOL.
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