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ITS THAT TIME AGAIN: Most Overrated Game of The Year.

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User Info: bubbub01

3 months ago#81
darkus_f posted...
__starsnostars posted...
Sum_quod_eris posted...
Breath of the Wild.

Although automata was a bigger disappointment for me.

Completely agree. Was my most anticipated game. Didn't turn out nearly as well as I wanted. Not a bad game though. Music was solid.

User Info: zhenghan

3 months ago#82
skyrim because it was so overrated it deserves to win every year
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User Info: Perthboy

3 months ago#83
Divinity Original Sin 2
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User Info: GeminiX7

2 months ago#84
bubbub01 posted...
GeminiX7 posted...
bubbub01 posted...
GeminiX7 posted...
NGd72 posted...
BOTW is the most overrated game I have seen in the history of gaming.

8/10 maybe, but not 10/10...

Nostalgia brings ratings up too high.

If you don't actually bring up arguments to support it, aren't the "Its not 10/10, maybe a 8/10 at best" statements kind of arbitrary? I mean, it's not even agreed upon if 10/10 means a game is "flawless" in all aspects or essentially just means it does everything it sets out to accomplish and checks all of the individual reviewer needs. It's not like grading an exam, where there are objective right/wrong conditions, so we kind of need some kind of criteria. Otherwise it all boils down to "This game isn't as good as other people claim it is because I said so. Everyone else's opinion is just their opinion, but mine is more valid because reasons."

I did this. No one actually cares when you try to break things down in an objective way to be analyzed.

No one cared? Looked like most of the responses actually addressed your posts and gave thier reasons for why they didn't agree with your standards for judging the game.

Three of them are TLDRs. Two people gave me an actual explanation. The other person posted "well I think it's fun" which was stupid since the topic was suppose to promote discussion. I doubt he read anything.

And the other people before them read your posts and responded in kind.
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User Info: Heisenberg312

2 months ago#85
Zelda BotW.
Nintendo fans were making it out like it was the second coming of Christ. It's good, sure. But it's not by any standards worth buying a console for. I say skip it, you could do without it.
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User Info: KaizerLaw

2 months ago#86
Almost every AAA game to come out this year was overrated imo.

User Info: MasterTurtle

2 months ago#87
Haven't played it yet, but I have a strong feeling it'll be BotW. Zelda as a series seems to have a weirdly rabid fanbase who flip out if the games aren't rated high enough, I still remember the old 8.8 days.

Out of the stuff I've played, probably a tie between Nioh and Yakuza 0, both of which are solid games, just not -that- good.
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User Info: Jimmys

2 months ago#88
Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey easily
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User Info: TrashCanNumber2

2 months ago#89
Breath of the Wild by far. So many perfect scores and game of year considerations. It doesnt even do open world or zelda better than previous open world or zelda games. Its a good game dont get me wrong but it's like a 7 at best.

User Info: Hanlo_is_back

2 months ago#90
In general, I hate the word "overrated". Something doesn't lose value because others liked something more than you did. Having said that, the circle jerking Breath of the Wild received was pretty excessive. It was a good game, but far from perfect
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