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ITS THAT TIME AGAIN: Most Overrated Game of The Year.

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User Info: bubbub01

4 months ago#1
What is it? Whether its from the reviewers, the communities surrounding them, or wahtever, what game do you think people have overrated/hyped/etc.

For me, it's Nier Automata.

User Info: Darkanagar

4 months ago#2

User Info: Sum_quod_eris

4 months ago#3
Breath of the Wild. | |
(message deleted)

User Info: bubbub01

4 months ago#5
bubbub01 posted...
Darkanagar posted...

**** YOU

Just kidding.

User Info: Fate8

4 months ago#6
Agree with cuphead
Thats because you touch yourself at night.

User Info: arleas

4 months ago#7
I don't really care about which game is overrated... I'm just sick of everyone talking about any game with more than moderate difficulty as "the dark souls of (whatever genre it's in)".

We get it, Dark souls is sooo hard, guys, so every other difficult game is just like Dark souls! 🙄

It's almost as bad as how for a while, every FPS was a "doom clone" and then later any game that had any hopes of being popular had to be a "halo killer".

Basically, I wish the f***ing stupid game journalists would get some more original terminology instead of spouting the same s*** over and over.

Oh and on the VR side of things, Superhot VR was overrated. I kept hearing about how awesome the game was, but when I bought it, it felt more like a lame puzzle game than a badass action movie hero.
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User Info: fallen_acolyte

4 months ago#8
Cuphead for me as well. Unique and cool.... But that's as far as I'll go with for it.
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User Info: OptimusRekt

4 months ago#9
Overwatch for the second year in a row! =D
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User Info: PhazonReborn

4 months ago#10
Cuphead is deserving of any praise it gets.

So is Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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