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Good turn based tactics games?

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User Info: GooberSD

5 months ago#1
I'm bored with the current tactics based games I have in my library. Can anyone recommend me more?

I currently have the:

The Banner Saga games
Disgaea Games
XCOM games

If anyone can recommend me a good tactics game where you command an army similar to these games, I'll be grateful. Thanks :)

User Info: Kinoringan

5 months ago#2
Battle Brothers (it's on sale on Steam now)
Warbanner (it's new and have 10% discount on Steam now)

Battle of Wesnoth (it's free on the net)

User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#3
Wasteland 2

User Info: saltedham

5 months ago#4
tactics ogre: let us cling together
final fantasy tactics

User Info: Pelaaja82

5 months ago#5
Steamworld heist.
valkyria chronicles.
Rime berta.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

5 months ago#6
Shadowrun, all of them. The best being Dragonfall.
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User Info: Djoser2000

5 months ago#7
Dragonfall <- true gem

Hereos of Might & Magic
Civilization (any of them)
Galactic Civilizations III:
Fallout Tactics (oldie but goldie)

There are some good ones on (older consoles) too

User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 months ago#8
Shadow Tactics
See The Game Collection

User Info: johnny_pay

5 months ago#9
fallout 1, 2, tactics
jagged alliance 2
divinity original sin 1 and 2

User Info: DV8ingSources

5 months ago#10
Total War games generally have a turn based campaign mode. The battles are real time but can be auto resolved if you want. They are much more a freeform strategy style compared to your listed games though so not sure if you'd enjoy them.
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