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1080 future proof?

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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#11
1080p is sorta old by this point, and 4K is going to be everywhere eventually, but right now I think the happy medium is to make a gaming machine that can do 1440p well. You'll still be able to play 1080p games, and you'd struggle a bit on 4K but it's probably the best choice.

I wouldn't build/upgrade a PC today for JUST 1080p.
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User Info: shmirlywhirl

4 months ago#12
Marikhen posted...
Doublesouba posted...
1080p is good, but it's becoming antiquated now.

I've got to wonder just how much of that "becoming antiquated" is due to actual perceivable superiority (as in how noticeable the degree of improvement is in most real world scenarios) of new standards and hardware and how much of it is due purely to an industry pushing bigger and better just to one-up the competition and earn more profits. I also have to wonder at what screen size 1080p is "becoming antiquated" at.

I wonder that because I've got a pair of 19" monitors running at 1440x900 that I've been using for years now, a Westinghouse from Target something like 8-11 years ago and an LG off of NewEgg around 6-8 years ago, and they feel just as good as they did the days that I bought them. Hell, my only issue is with the dust collecting inside the Westinghouse where I can't clean it without disassembling it.

Get yourself a decent sized 4k display and you can have 4 documents all open and decently sized. A huge benefit for things like coding.
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User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#13
shmirlywhirl posted...
Get yourself a decent sized 4k display and you can have 4 documents all open and decently sized. A huge benefit for things like coding.

I can't see "decently sized" being plausible on anything 32" or smaller, and anything larger than 32" seems to be starting in the $500 range for refurbs and $600 for new.

Frankly, I'd rather just buy another smaller monitor or two for that price. Hell, I'm already using three, and if I could rework my desktop arrangement to allow it I've got a fourth (another 1440x900) that I could slip in quite handily. Either arrangement works quite handily for coding.

How well do those "decent sized" 4k monitors work for playing games in full screen modes while watching videos, streaming or otherwise?
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User Info: arleas

4 months ago#14
I bought a 43" 4K TV and I'm using it as a monitor. It cost me around $500 when I bought it like 2 years ago (it'll be 2 years as of this Christmas).

A large 4K monitor might be expensive but you can find TV's that don't cost that much. Maybe not all of them would be suitable for gaming but if the idea is using it as a big display for coding then anything would do as long as it's clear/readable.

I looked on Amazon for 32-43" 4K TV's from low to high and it started at just over $300.

Now if it's purely for gaming then I'd be much more picky and would probably have to check a hundred reviews before I was satisfied. When I picked this TV I knew nothing about it other than it looked like it would be good.

(My TV is a Vizio M Series 43" M43-C1)
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

4 months ago#15
I said f*** it earlier this year when I found an unopened, returned LG 4K 65" LED for $900. I love my TV so much I went and upgraded to a 1080Ti so I could fully enjoy it. 1440p and 1080p also both look great on it.

I would say if you're looking at under 32" that the pixel density with 1080p would be sufficient and also be a nice little upgrade over 900p. Getting a small 4K uhdtv would make it difficult to see the text and things like that. Even for me on my 65", I only sit about 8-9 feet away and if I can't scale UI and text in video games, I'm straining my eyes to read s*** lol.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

4 months ago#16
1080 is fine if you are doing 1080P if you are looking for a card to last you a good while. should do 1440p for a good bit as well. If you are looking for a 4k card there is only the 1080 TI.

IMO though I'd wait for the next batch of cards to do 4k. The 1080 TI will do it but its just barely pulling it off.
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User Info: Golden_Gonads

4 months ago#17
It'll likely last for at least 5 years or so on high settings so long as there are no big advances in tech. My old card lasted me 8 years at medium/high and that was a budget card from the start. (I only replaced it as it wasn't compatible with DirectX 11).

User Info: Superemppu

4 months ago#18
SnakePlisken94 posted...
1080 can barely do 1440p properly let alone 4k

Seems to run my 1440p 144hz screen just fine. 4k/60 is doable too if you're smart about what settings to run.
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User Info: Andreas2402

4 months ago#19
8gb vram is barely enough for the most demanding games today.
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User Info: Otimus

4 months ago#20
It's the fourth best videocard available for consumers to buy, and those other three are all close together (about 20-30%, IIRC, from the 1080?).

Nothing is ever future proof. But it'll last a while.

But let me say this, and this statement may be controversial: Any given card in a given design lineup (i.e. all Pascal cards) will probably, more or less, become outdated for their use cases at the same time. Like, by the time a GTX 1060 is s*** for games, a GTX 1080 is probably going to be s*** for games too. I've never really bought into this whole "more expensive card lasts longer" thing. A more expensive card gives you more options and a little bit of headroom. But that's really about it.

I bought a 1080 because 1070's were the same price at the time. Otherwise I would have bought a 1070, and I wouldn't have really regretted it.

Though, on the other hand, having a 1080 has probably helped with running some games at higher resolutions on my 4K TV, so it sort of worked out. (I frankly would never pay more than $500 for any videocard ever. Even $500 was a bit absurd. I still think we're a generation away from reasonably affordable 4K cards. A 1080 can do a good chunk of stuff at or near 4K, but a 1080 Ti would do it better, but even that still has it's problems.)

Honestly, if you can wait, I'd wait. If you can't, the 1080 is still a fine card.
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