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You can only play PC games from a single genre for the rest of your life.

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User Info: Cozy

4 months ago#11
I'd stick to platformers. What I grew up with and never get tired of playing and replaying.

User Info: Chaos_Missile

4 months ago#12
Probably RPGs.

The loophole includes JRPGs, SRPGs, action RPGs and hack n slash.

And since every thing wants to be an RPG, it also opens up crap like Call of Duty and Halo and Zelda as well as the weird puzzle games.
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User Info: yohabroha

4 months ago#13
online FPS, if I can only play one genre it has to be something I can play with my friends otherwise I'd off myself about a week into it.
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User Info: revolver

4 months ago#14
RPG although I would definitely miss FPS games.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 months ago#15
Probably "action".
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User Info: johnny_pay

4 months ago#16
No game fits a single genre any more.

User Info: Kokuei05

4 months ago#17
DarkZV2Beta posted...
Probably "action".

This. I find it funny some of the people in this topic are choosing sub-genres like platformer or FPS. Action covers both.
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User Info: mucloud

4 months ago#18

as long as it say RPG its good to go.
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User Info: Requiem

4 months ago#19
RPG, mostly because everything seems to be classified as a rpg these days.
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User Info: Somato

4 months ago#20
action genre

It covers so many different games i'll be set forever
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