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Price estimate for a PC that can run things maxed out at 1080 60fps.

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User Info: Andreas2402

4 months ago#11
some of the hardest games to max for graphics cards are shadow of war and deus ex MD. you'll need 8gb vram for the highest textures but a rx580 wont cut it. 1070 at least in SoW's case. no that demanding for cpus though.
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User Info: EmoBanger69

4 months ago#12
Cool, originally asked jsut to see what the high end might look like, so around 1k give or take. A tiny bit lower than I was expecting which is great.

TBH I'm mostly getting a PC for Bethesda games and MMOs which aren't very demanding, but I want to spend the extra cash so when I DO get nicer looking games I can take advantage of the visual quality the games offer, they also don't necessarily have to be running at ultra, but if I'm already gonna spend over 500, why not add another hundred or 3 just to makes it extra sweet.

The reason I only want 1080 60fps is because I have everything ELSE I need other than a PC, and the display I plan on using only does only 1080, and I don't remember the refresh rate off the top of my head, but I mainly just need the PC to run most thigns smoothly MOST of the time.

I'm also gonna build it myself so I need everything from scratch. anyone willing to make a nifty list of what I should get starting from the case? Also the price of each item would be VERY helpful as well, but not necessary. I don't want to be a bother but I planned on building a PC and had all this stuff planned out, but that was 5 years ago and I Imm assuming lost of things are either different/better or much cheaper by now. Also the Ryzen 5 1600 and the GTX 1060/70 have been noted.

User Info: captsplatter_1

4 months ago#13
NuclearHendrix posted...
Mainly early access games that aren't optimized yet. There are some "finished" games that aren't optimized either though, like Satellite Reign.

Shadow Warrior 2 bounces around a lot. I even overclocked it, didn't do squat. Now I know why that game is only 30fps on consoles, could never do 60fps.
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User Info: Fade2black001

4 months ago#14
this build will do 1080 60 fine and its only 530
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User Info: DanPatrick

4 months ago#15
$1500 to $2000
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