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How long do you think the current phase will last?

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User Info: Dyshonest

3 months ago#11
Dawnshadow posted...
I'm not so sure that lootboxes are always evil.

In cases where the contents are 100% cosmetic, the game offers multiplayer servers, and there's new free content being added it's acceptable. Devs gotta eat, too.
Holy pro-corporate Batman.

"offers multiplayer servers"?

It costs like 10$ a month if even to rent a hosting machine. One copy of the game pays it off many times over. The cost of hosting is utterly minimal.

The rest of it was also pro-corporate, but the "POOR CORPORATION OFFERS FREE GOODS!!!" thing was hilarious.

User Info: Requiem

3 months ago#12
Sir_Haxor posted...
I'm just worried about Japan following this trend. I don't care what AAA Western garbage games do. Haven't bought one of those since BioShock infinite years ago for $7 and still felt cheated.

Funny, I always thought Japanese studios would go this route before Western studios.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

3 months ago#13
Saw an interview with an ex bioware employee that said that there are whales out there that spent over 15k on microtransactions for friggin mass effect... So long as there are people like that, and there always will be, they aren't going anywhere.

Yes it pisses me off but games that abuse it (I don't mind minor stuff) won't be bought by me personally.
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