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I regret getting the corsair harpoon mouse

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User Info: NeoSioType

4 months ago#1
Going to return it tomorrow. Anything I should look for in the store?

I heard this was a good budget mouse though it might be better not to cut costs.

I never really thought of myself as having large hands but I guess I rather have something with some weight that I can rest my palm on.

Right side doesn't feel all that comfortable on this mouse because there's a hard edge from the right button sticking out.

User Info: Arnzillazor

4 months ago#2
Logitech G400s. Very good mouse.
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User Info: Terantatek

4 months ago#3
Arnzillazor posted...
Logitech G400s. Very good mouse.

G502 >
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User Info: Hexenherz

4 months ago#4
I've had a Zowie mouse for the last three or four years, it's treated me well so far. Don't remember which model I got though.

User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

4 months ago#5
Evoluent Vertical mouse

User Info: saltedham

4 months ago#6

steelseries rival 300 for budget mouse. its big, comfortable shape.

the rival 310. slightly thinner, slightly shorter. upgraded sensor. seperated mouse 1 and 2 clicks.

g502 is not bad for a cheap mouse. i didnt like the shape though. too thin, and i cant stand the sniper button. its pretty heavy and has optional weights if you like heavyweight mice

using a zowie ec1-a right now. cant reccomend it cause of its price. the shape is nice. but the coating is slippery. i put grip tape on it. mouse wheel color changes with dpi. the 2 side clicks are really mushy. there is a white version that had a glossy coating and i read that the 2 side buttons are better

User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#7
Logitech's current generation M510 seems pretty good so far.

The early M510s were okay, but the thumb button arrangement was less than desirable in that it was overly stiff, and both "buttons" were part of a single piece of plastic that frequently broke if you put the buttons to regular use as I do due to binding forward movement for first-person games like Skyrim and third-person games like (most) MMOs. The battery life was pretty darn good, however, and other than the plastic for the thumb button(s) breaking every so often the mouse was quite durable and lasted me for a good 5-8 years.

The M510 I'm using now isn't nearly so stiff on the buttons, and they feel like I might not have to repair them every 3-6 months as the plastic heat/stress fractures and breaks. The mouse is also a bit lighter than my older M510, and if the documentation is close to accurate then the battery life with it should (still) be good as well. If it has any down side, from my perspective, it's that being able to quickly switch between the Forward and Back thumb buttons while gaming is difficult at best, but I suspect that I'll have that issue with almost any mouse I use.

First one cost me about $40 at Target about 5 years ago, but my current one only cost $20 at Wal-Mart.

On the hand situation, my hands are large enough with enough spread that the industry standard WASD control scheme absolutely, purely sucks for me, but Logitech's M510 mice fit my hands quite nicely.
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User Info: Pelaaja82

4 months ago#8
G502 is heavy even without the weights and the shape was not the best for my hand, not the best mouse for fps for sure because of the weight alone.

Choosing the right mouse for you is not that easy, but maybe this video will help you out:
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