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Help revamping my PC

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User Info: wuphilly

6 months ago#11
ajxh posted...
wuphilly posted...
But I game at 1440p and 4k. So when I upgrade my GPU to volta when it comes out, won't I get bottleneck by my 3570?

Well, a xx80 Volta GPU is naturally going to outpace a five year old processor. I just watched a video of a guy playing BF1 at 4K with a 1080 and it didn't look like he was encountering many issues. Not even sure if a 1080 is really quite good enough for BF1 at 4K high settings.

60 FPS shouldn't be an issue at 4K with that CPU. Higher framerates at lower resolutions could potentially be problematic.

Like I said, if you want to upgrade, you can, but depending on what your goals are, it might not be worthwhile. I think the most cost effective solution would be to upgrade the GPU and evaluate the rest of the system then.

What if I'm thinking about VR gaming?

User Info: PhilOnDez

6 months ago#12
I'd count VR as high refresh rate since the current headsets target 90FPS if I'm not mistaken. My only experience on it has been on the cheapest haswell i5 though and everything seemed to run fine and I'm sensitive to framerate fluctuations/stutters. My opinion would be to overclock if you haven't and if you have just to stick with it until you're getting noticeably poor performance unless you're wanting to branch out into recording or streaming since in my experience even an overclocked 3570k doesn't quite cut it. Increasing your resolution shouldn't have an effect on your CPU usage unless you increase your framerate as well, if anything it will likely go down since your GPU will end up struggling in more situations.
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User Info: ajxh

6 months ago#13
wuphilly posted...
What if I'm thinking about VR gaming?

VR does benefit from a more modern CPU. If you think that's what you're going to do, then yeah.

User Info: Fade2black001

6 months ago#14
Terantatek posted...
The 3570k was good like what 4 years ago? I'd upgrade that. Also get 16gb 3000+ mhz ram.

If your psu still works don't worry about it

His CPU is still perfectly fine to this day
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