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Monitor or monitor/tv

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User Info: RoryMcilroy

7 months ago#1

I recently bought a 27" gaming monitor...I read a few reviews, thought it was going to be the best thing ever. It wasn't...

I was later told, I paid the price for having 1ms for a poorer display.

The colours/color...just always looked off.

I'm looking for something to use with pc and Ps4 (switch maybe soon) and 24" in size.

I do not mind paying for a good set, I'm just unsure what to buy.

In my experience...even smaller sets look back better in 1080p
(I always read you need 32") to see the difference?

I don't mean to go on, ...I just want to make a better purchase.

Thank you.

Good health.
An albatross is better than an ace.

User Info: ajxh

7 months ago#2
It sounds like you purchased a TN monitor before. The colors on TN panels can look poorer, especially when viewed from an off-center angle.

Any IPS panel monitor should be sufficient. Generally monitors with 3-5ms lag have IPS or VA panels, which will give you decent colors while viewing from most angles. There is a touch more lag involved, but most people won't be able to notice.

Most televisions contain VA panels or some derivative. Rarely do they contain IPS panels and I can't say I've ever seen one with a TN panel. I wouldn't recommend a television at the size you're looking at. Look for a monitor with an IPS or VA panel.

User Info: baseketballr09

7 months ago#3
Well 27 inches is to big for 1080p gaming. You want to be at 1440p at that size. That along with the TN panel the picture could look poor. You can try increasing the digital vibrancy in the nvidia control panel to get more vibrant colors.
Another One

User Info: RoryMcilroy

7 months ago#4
Thank you both.

Is a monitor a better option for the best picture...

I'm just searching for something decent.

I guess I'm put off because of what I bought...
An albatross is better than an ace.

User Info: RoryMcilroy

7 months ago#5
(I've used a couple of LG tv/monitors) in the past.
An albatross is better than an ace.

User Info: wentzelot

7 months ago#6
24" is too small for a gaming monitor if you plan on sitting back with a controller . 24 is only good for sitting 2 feet away max imo

User Info: RoryMcilroy

7 months ago#7
I'm only 2 feet away...I'm in a box room.

I have a 21" crt on my desk for retro and currently a 22" led.

I want an upgrade in quality and I guess 2 inches would be good.
An albatross is better than an ace.

User Info: thanthen

7 months ago#8
34" 3440x1440 or peasantville.
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