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Is PUGB really that good or is just the ´despacito´ of gaming?

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  3. Is PUGB really that good or is just the ´despacito´ of gaming?

User Info: blacknight06

3 months ago#21
Does PUBG have hot women dancing?

User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 months ago#22
Are we really comparing a video game with a radio song?
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User Info: USF

3 months ago#23
PUBG is the biggest piece of garbage I have played in a long time, same goes for Despacito and music.
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User Info: blly155

3 months ago#24
i bought it and was bored after a couple hours. i can see why it can be addictive but it got old real fast for me. i ended up getting a refund.
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User Info: gnomekingclive

3 months ago#25
The concept is really good, i like BR but the game is janky garbage.

User Info: iohc

3 months ago#26
What the f***, that s*** song has 4 billion views. It wasn't that long ago when Gangnam style hitting 1 billion was a big deal. Now we have some generic spanish love song quadrupling it.

Did they buy views? Are they running a youtube view script? Bot accounts? Are their even 4 billion ISPs on this planet?


3 months ago#27
It is really hard to compare. I think it is a lot of fun and play it with friends quite often. So in terms of the game itself I think it deserves the credit it is receiving. However, to compare it to a game like Zelda just makes very little sense to me.
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User Info: TheGodofWine

3 months ago#28
iohc posted...
Are their even 4 billion ISPs on this planet?

Thats a good question...I don't know..I do know there is an 8 year old girl in my house (my daughter) who plays it on loop in the background while she plays Roblox - she very well accounts for half those me! :)

User Info: zhenghan

3 months ago#29
s*** i love despacito. i also love PuBG

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User Info: GM_

3 months ago#30
It's popular because it fits into the eSports/Streamer scene that has been booming the past few years. Before this game people were playing H1Z1 and DayZ on Twitch and now it's nothing but PUGB which is essentially the same game as those but just got more popular.
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  3. Is PUGB really that good or is just the ´despacito´ of gaming?

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