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User Info: Marikhen

4 months ago#11
xboxwii4 posted...
When will 6 and 8 core CPUs be needed?

When you figure out a way to run enough programs alongside your game to drag down a quad-core without going overboard and running useless software.

For example, running the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy application on Nox alongside Fallout 4 would be if the app's map moved with your character, so that your character icon didn't inevitably run off the edges of the app's displayed map section, and/or you had a touch screen monitor so that you could interact with it in real time without noticeably impacting the gameplay. As neither situation pertains, especially the auto-adjusting map, it would be a complete waste of resources to try running the companion app in Nox as opposed to your phone or tablet.
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