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Are you getting FFXV?

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User Info: Voxwik

4 months ago#41
I like the variety in the series. It's interesting to see Zidane get hate. Some people not caring Tidus develops over the course of FFX and is supposed to be an annoying brat at the start I can at least understand, even if I love the character for being imperfect.

In a sea of more serious main characters, Zidane and Tidus were great for me.

Part of the reason FFIX's combat seems "slow" is the absolutely obnoxiously long battle intro in the original game. You can turn that junk off in the PC release.

User Info: Ciera

4 months ago#42
ew no thanks
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User Info: squall567

4 months ago#43
I'm a dumb FF fan so yes, day one full price.
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User Info: Kokuei05

4 months ago#44
Last FF game I played was X on the PCSX2 emulator. Never finished it because I had to take a month or so hiatus due to exams and then I tried to boot it up again and I forgot all of the story or what the f*** I needed to do next. So I closed it and deleted everything.
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User Info: rpgian

4 months ago#45
bought it at deep discount on amazon when it was new. sold it. will pick it back up with dlc on pc. maybe. prolly. i dunno.

User Info: DiviDude

4 months ago#46
When it's $5, probably. Even then I'll probably regret it a bit since I'm sick of this offline MMO schlock.

User Info: -5xad0w-

4 months ago#47
Not at full price, but yeah.
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User Info: Abiz_

4 months ago#48
I might if I can find it cheap on g2a. I got it on PS4. I never played it because of how incomplete the story is.

It seems S-E thinks it's a good idea to sell the story instead of completing it before release. I mean if the story is all about the bros and messed up stuff happens to them in the dlc stories, but you don't know what happen because you have to pay whatever the season pass is... That is f***ed up imo.

S-E should talk to CDProjektRed to learn how to do single player dlc and how to make a complete main story before releasing the game.

User Info: Nintendoomed89

4 months ago#49
I definitely plan to as soon as I'm able,I've been a huge fan of the newer FF games being ported to PC and want to show my support. With any luck we can start getting future titles at launch if they think there is enough of a market.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

4 months ago#50
Born Lucky posted...
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

The only FFs in existence, are I - IX, and XII.

There are no others.

Bravely Default?
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