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Is your phone your primary PC?

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User Info: Hatsune_Miku

5 months ago#31
This ranks in the top 10 worst topics I've ever read on the PC board. We don't play phone games round here boy.

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
5 months ago#32
f*** that, smartphones are god awful at everything except texting and like gps s***.
The Infamous...
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
5 months ago#33
ilikehamandhalo posted...
Digital Storm posted...
Negative. I am not a smart phone zombie.

While literally staring at a PC monitor all day

Need to replace monitor with television and we'd be square.
Ooo eee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
5 months ago#34
Lolno, I use my Galaxy S8+ a lot, but I use a real desktop a WHOLE lot more
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User Info: AmonAmarth

5 months ago#35
i have no cell / smart phone
i like it.
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User Info: unknown_VS

5 months ago#36
Lonestar2000 posted...
Checking the weather
Looking up something on the go
Appointment book

Forgot those things!
It's crazy what you can do with a "phone" and how easy / seamless it is is even more crazy.
"1080 looks great but 2160 looks like real life which makes sense since it's the limit of the human eye."

User Info: chandl34

5 months ago#37
Phone prices are ridiculous these days. $1000 for a high-end iPhone or Android device. If I didn't need several high-end devices for work, there's no way I'd buy one. A $200 phone from 5 years ago is more than fine.
... even on Earth Mode.

User Info: Zazabar

5 months ago#38
Black_Assassin posted...
lightningbugx posted...
GTAV is a big download. My plan involves unlimited data. In order to be unlimited data, once the data usage goes above 32GB in a month, there has to be more data usage being performed by the phone than data usage going through the mobile hotspot. So if I have a 60GB download to my PC, the apps on my phone have to download and upload more than 60GB of data for the same month.

So basically if someone really wanted to game the system they'd leave their phone streaming 1080p video every night for 8 hours muted?

That sounds awful. If it saves money in the end, good for you.
You'll see...I'll still be Andy's favorite toy. >:)

User Info: Triple_Aitch

5 months ago#39
Pretty much. I use my PC for gaming, occassional web browsing, document writing, and burning cds (my car is a little older).

Phone for everything else. Including GameFaqs, never for gaming though, I've tried phone games and can't stand them.
"It's going to be legend... Wait for It...

User Info: gwizzler

5 months ago#40
Triple_Aitch posted...
Pretty much. I use my PC for gaming, occassional web browsing, document writing, and burning cds (my car is a little older).
"If the animals can find the strength, why can't we?" - Casey Foster
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