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Is your phone your primary PC?

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User Info: su27Chaos

6 months ago#21
from experience it does both but slowly. i really hate the touch screen on my iphone 6
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User Info: Somato

6 months ago#22
I have an iPhone 4

people on welfare have better phones than me so no, my phone is not my primary PC lol
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User Info: unknown_VS

6 months ago#23
I mean I get it the first iPhone was also the first smartphone but other than that why would you buy one
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User Info: tsoures

6 months ago#24
Not my phone is not even my primary method of getting in touch with people.

User Info: GeseztKatze

6 months ago#25
Nope. I use my phone when I'm away from my PC.

I can't even imagine it replacing my computer. I use my phone mainly for communication, to listen to music/podcasts, and the occasional search. For everything else, I use the PC.
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User Info: Black_Assassin

6 months ago#26
lightningbugx posted...
GTAV is a big download. My plan involves unlimited data. In order to be unlimited data, once the data usage goes above 32GB in a month, there has to be more data usage being performed by the phone than data usage going through the mobile hotspot. So if I have a 60GB download to my PC, the apps on my phone have to download and upload more than 60GB of data for the same month.

So basically if someone really wanted to game the system they'd leave their phone streaming 1080p video every night for 8 hours muted?
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User Info: Ultimate_Noob

6 months ago#27
None of the games I play would run on my phone.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

6 months ago#28
Since my laptop is ancient and very slow and freezes a lot, I tend to use my phone for basic functions (browsing, checking email, etc) a lot more. It's a lot faster and doesn't freeze on my phone.

User Info: Lonestar2000

6 months ago#29
Nope, the only things I use my phone for are:

MP3 player
Checking the weather
Looking up something on the go
Taking pictures/videos
Ste surveys so I don't have to carry around my laptop
Remote control for my TV
Appointment book
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User Info: ilikehamandhalo

6 months ago#30
Digital Storm posted...
Negative. I am not a smart phone zombie.

While literally staring at a PC monitor all day
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