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I got a PS4 Pro solely for FFXII Zodiac Age... but...

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User Info: nominturddaddy

5 months ago#1
I'm actually finding I enjoy having the option of playing console or PC. I've mainly been a PC-exclusive guy for the last five years. Only got into the Wii U due to Mario Kart 8 (which I beat at a friend's so no need to get it myself right?)

PC is a beast, at least in my opinion:

16gb RAM
Three SSDs and a HDD for random storage

Most PS4/XB1 titles are just cross-platform games that would run better on my PC. So why get a console?

As much as I thought I would hate it for anything beyond exclusives (of which the PS4 library is extremely limited in its appeal to me, or with some I want, like the Bandicoot collection, they're often far overpriced so I'm waiting on drops), I'm enjoying being able to use a different machine. Maybe something about diversifying? As in less PC workload, less chance of needing to replace it, or if something goes wrong with PC and it ends up needing work, I have something else I can use.

I don't know. BlogFAQs I know, but I'm really enjoying having this other option, even though the other games I've been playing on it (DOOM 2016 lately) are games I've already played or could play better on PC. Like I'm handicapping myself going this other route when I already have a Gold Medal Olympic machine in comparison, but enjoying the variety nonetheless.

Anyone else get what I'm talking about?

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 months ago#2
Variety is the spice of life. If you do one thing for a while, doing something else, even if it's less good, becomes more interesting.
It's why people play s***ty sequels. Sure, the previous games were better, but you already played them to death. It can happen with platforms as well.
a quad core i7 was just a rebranded celeron -Pengu1n
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User Info: nominturddaddy

5 months ago#3
I don't play s***ty sequels though. Not even with movies. Ie. I loved Terminator 1 and 2. 3 was still good though in a different way. Walked out of Salvation and sat through Genisys because of Arnie, but by the end I genuinely felt like vomiting from how awful it was.

In gaming terms I didn't beat FFX-2, despite how much I loved X.

I think you're right in a way though. Sometimes you just get sick of being part of the elite and want to make-believe you're one of the people or something. I don't know. I know I definitely play worse on the PS4 version of DOOM and while it runs well, it definitely doesn't look as good. Still something interesting about it. Maybe just the seeing how the other side lives?

I know I'm on my way to ruining it for myself, though. When you start analyzing like this, the honeymoon phase is about to close. Most games don't even utilize the Pro, or they take advantage of it in really stupid ways (-1 second load times, or 4k resolution instead of 1080p but the same s***ty performance because it's easier to boost resolution than rewrite code of a game they've already made $$$ off of for improved hardware). The only difference for FFXII between regular and Pro is 1440p instead of 1080p. Still 30fps and all the other s***, and it's an exclusive. Just needed a new toy for a while I suppose... I knew it was a "waste" (not that I'm concerned about money) when I bought it!

User Info: zhenghan

5 months ago#4
I really like my wii u and the 's***ty' party games on it like wii u party and mario party wii u.

Xenoblade chronicles X is amazing, and i like nintendoland wii u a lot too.
"dude i am like a 10 th grader,i am not smart i am not smart okay.i know basic english not level 100 english lol" -stephanielish

User Info: nominturddaddy

5 months ago#5
Life sure is funny.

User Info: wentzelot

5 months ago#6
weird that you got a ps4 for zodiac age.. when you can play the original ff12 on pc (which is better than zodiac age) with better graphics

User Info: Terantatek

5 months ago#7

Is MK8 fun enough to just.. play? I mean just race against AI for fun? Or is it more of a finish and done game?
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User Info: Sed

5 months ago#8
It's new so it's exciting.

I have a PC with a 6700k and a 1080 TI, a switch, and a PS4.

Yet I got a new phone about a month or so ago though and spent like 2 weeks playing nothing but crappy mobile games.

There is something nice about the no fuss gaming on a console compared to a PC where even a beast of one will often have to do some tweaks/mess with stuff to get it working perfectly. Not to mention on PC you have that option to try to make it work perfectly and if you have some OCD tendency they'll show. On a console if it's not working perfectly? You just shrug and keep on keeping on since you can't do anything about it anyway.

Obviously PC gaming is far superior to console and I like PC way more but there are a few perks that consoles have and you're enjoying those currently. After the novelty wears off you'll be back to PC gaming and using the PS4 for the exclusives that come along here and there most likely.

User Info: nominturddaddy

5 months ago#9
wentzelot posted...
with better graphics

They actually did improve the visuals. Proper shadows (no longer blobs), HD fonts (main reason I bought it, SD fonts are awful even when resolution bumped) and character portraits, improved draw distances, they definitely ported the lighting engine to a newer version of DirectX or whatever it is they used, the world isn't as flat thanks to the much improved lighting.

It's the same textures with bump mapping though. I definitely agree Vanilla is the better game, I have a review for Zodiac Age that should be going up soon... IZJS made it easier. ZA makes it really, really f***ing easy.

Terantatek posted...

Is MK8 fun enough to just.. play? I mean just race against AI for fun? Or is it more of a finish and done game?

I beat it in 2 hours. I have it on PC and go back to it for five minutes every now and then to do a track or two.

User Info: Jedi454

5 months ago#10
FFXII will come to PC next year without a doubt.
If you don't like microtransactions in full priced AAA games, vote with your wallet and don't buy those games.
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