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I5 7400 vs Ryzen 1400 prebuilt

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User Info: Judgmenl

7 months ago#11
Manservice posted...
Thanks for the info, guys

Judgmenl posted...
This thread is a joke.

You're a joke.

That is nothing new.
Judge, Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. |
You're a regular Jack Kerouac

User Info: HeliosMagi

7 months ago#12
For purely gaming the i5 would be the better choice. Few games even use more than 4 cores, and emulation favors high single-threaded performance, which Intel excels in over AMD.
"I had a classmate who legitimately expected Mario 65 to come out."
"He ate glue."

User Info: NewportBox100s

7 months ago#13
Go Ryzen on this one. I love prebuilts.

User Info: WalkingPlague

7 months ago#14
i5 for gaming. Ryzen for multi-tasking.
Ryzen 1600X @ 3.8Ghz | MSI B350 'Bazooka' | EVGA GTX 1080 Ti | Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3200mhz | Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

User Info: enderall

7 months ago#15
That Ryzen is decent for gaming and it's not far behind that i5. AMD's next CPU lineup may be improved in huge margins and you can upgrade your CPU until maybe 2019 with that AM4 motherboard. Also for Ryzen to be competitive you need dual channel and high speed RAM, at least 3000 MHz. I'll go with Ryzen on this one as a gamble in a future upgrade.
i3 6100, GIGABYTE Radeon Rx 480 8GB WINDFORCE, Corsair Vengeance 8 GB RAM Red LED, EVGA 600w White PSU, Toshiba 500 GB HD, Riotoro CR 480, GIGABYTE Intel H110

User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

7 months ago#16
You'd better be sure to check which 580 is in each one. They have a 4GB model of the 580, dont they?
ASUS B-150 Gaming MoBo| Intel CORE i5 6500k @ 3.5GHz | 32GB DDR4 | 2TB HDD | 600w PSU | nVidia GTX 1080Ti 11GB GDDR5-X
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