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Amazon Destiny 2 preorder bonuses?

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User Info: kaMMakaZZi29

5 months ago#1
Do I get the same preorder bonuses from Amazon that I'd get from I.e., the coldheart rifle, kill tracker ghost and salute emote? Amazon page mentions nothing, but with Prime I can get it for $51.35 w/ Tax and using my Discover card get 5% cashback on Amazon purchases during this quarter so basically $48 after cashback vs. $60 on but I'd like to know if I get these 3 preorder bonuses.
Steam: kaMMakaZZi9

User Info: Terantatek

5 months ago#2
You better get that stuff on amazon. No reason why not.
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User Info: kaMMakaZZi29

5 months ago#3
Anyone know? I'm guessing not but hopefully in the box it'll have codes for all the items you can get from preordering from
Steam: kaMMakaZZi9

User Info: loader963

5 months ago#4
Think those are universal. I remember getting cold heart emote and something else when I got it off psn.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

5 months ago#5
From what I've read only the rifle is universal.

At least with physical copies.

For digital, it seems they come will all 3 if bought from

You may want to check Bungie's forums to get some clarification on what comes with what and where.

The only relative news article I found (in a very short search admittedly) is from back in July.
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