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Hotmail safelinks email links issue

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User Info: Phoenix Crystal

Phoenix Crystal
6 months ago#1
Have this annoying link from every hotmail email I get with my iPad/iPhone using the standard email app

Whenever I get email on my hotmail account it begins with the above link and followed by a really long address of letters and numbers that eventually will open the link I want it to. It wont just say for example it’ll be buried in another link with loads of letters and numbers and symbols etc

Obviously some kind of protextion is in place but I dunno how this has even happened and I wanna get rid of it so it just shows the actual link. Any ideas? It happens even if I send emails to myself with links it’ll show as a really long link with nonsense.

All my other email from gmail icloud etc are fine its just outlook ones that seem to go through this ridiculous link. I don’t even know why it’s related to office365. I don’t have this on my iPhone or iPad and I’ve checked email settings on the actual email website outlook, while I’m logged into my account using both my tablet and a pc but no joy in finding any way to remove it :(

Hotmail is my main email account and I don’t really want to switch just because of this
PSN - Gizmo_Monkey
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