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Forza 7 or Forza Horizon 3?

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User Info: Terribletruth69

7 months ago#1
Which is better on the PC? I've heard a lot of flack about Forza 7's loot boxes but I don't purchase loot boxes anyways so that doesn't matter to me.

Which game has better performance on the PC? What about wheel support? How does the Livery customization compare?

If it matters here are my PC specs: 7700k, GTX 970, 32GB RAM.

User Info: krazycharlie

7 months ago#2
FH3 doesn't have those horrible loot crates ... yet. Let's hope it stays that way.
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User Info: boochy

7 months ago#3
FH3 is more arcadey and feels terrible with my Logitech G920 so I play it with a controller. F7 plays perfect with a wheel.

Both are good games but I like Forza 7 more.
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User Info: darkhouse999

7 months ago#4
It really depends on if you want a sim(Forza 7), or if you want something closer to a mix between sim and arcade(FH3).
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User Info: CursedPanther

7 months ago#5
Forza has always been about circuit racing and Forza Horizon is about all kinds of stuff in an open world.

While Forza 7 is still a long way away from what people call a 'simulator', it tries to be realistic at times without taking away the fun factor.
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