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Slander against Japanese gaming industry are insane

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  3. Slander against Japanese gaming industry are insane

User Info: rpgian

5 months ago#11
They are brainwashing America with chinpokemon as they build up a massive armada to make sushi slaves out of all Californians. That's slander. However it's so silly you'd have to read the onion or infowars to not just shove it off as a queef from a stranger.

User Info: Dyshonest

5 months ago#12
If weeb game sucks, dudebro 'murica games suck too, right?

User Info: sfcalimari

5 months ago#13
a) Japanese developers probably go with Denuvo because they're used to the console market where they control content and software security, and Denuvo is basically using outsourcing so they can attain this control and security and thus feel more in control. They're scared by new things like Steam and don't realize games on Steam already have DRM and yet people buy them by the digital truckload.

b) Japanese work culture is hierarchical which means they are very resistant to change, very reluctant to admit mistakes which would make them lose face, and high-up people like game directors or CEO's are expected to be able to do things without communicating why they've done it and they expect to not be questioned or criticized by their employees or customers.

c) with all that said, I bet you that Japanese consumers are still very critical of pc developer decisions, but nobody tells us English-language gamers about a lot of their criticism because 1) it would risk embarrassing Japan and 2) nobody thinks we care.
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User Info: randomoaf

5 months ago#14
Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion in the context of Gfaqs but I see a lot of the aforementioned sentiments on Reddit. It's gotten very annoying. Sorry I had to vent on here rather than there.

User Info: thelocalhentai

5 months ago#15
As s***ty as denuvo is (and it really is), wanting to protect your work isn't some crazy malicious intent, it's normal. Even though there are a lot of easy sauce DRM (like steam), denuvo seems to be the most market open out of them since it's not tied to an online service like steam.

Oh god, I feel filthy now, defended denuvo.

User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#16
Having gone through hundreds of threads trash-talking Denuvo in every possible way, this is the first time Japan or Japanese related being mentioned.


User Info: Heisenberg312

5 months ago#17
No one is making fun of your waifu, TC.
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User Info: arleas

5 months ago#18
Yeah I don't see Japan being slandered especially when it comes to Denuvo. I see people b****ing about "yet another game with Denuvo" and then 1-3 days later cheering as "(insert game here) cracked in (1-3) days!".

It's not people upset with Japan. It's people upset with Denuvo. At least not here. You mentioned Reddit...well reddit is a different echo chamber. Here when people yell about weeb s***, it's because they think it's cool to yell about weeb s*** so they yell about it. It's stupid to yell about it but oh well.

I don't know about reddit though. I think each subreddit is its own echo chamber where the mods are the people who filter out anything they don't like. Maybe find a better subreddit?
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User Info: SinisterSlay

5 months ago#19
Lest we forget
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User Info: randomoaf

5 months ago#20
SinisterSlay posted...
Lest we forget

American division ran by white and or Jewish people.
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