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Firefox 56 is hot garbage.

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User Info: CELTEKK

6 months ago#41
Ouned posted...
CursedPanther posted...
This I'm aware. However I see it as an opportunity for some much needed thorough house cleaning of add-ons.

Not when a ton of weaksauce addons from Chrome are just going to be ported over instead. Meanwhile a bunch of actually good classic addons are gonna retire.

To make things worse the Firefox Extended Support release is stuck way in the past at 52, with the next one scheduled to be 59, so those of us who don't want the 57 update but want to retain security would have to go cycles back to version 52. Real unfortunate how they set that schedule up. Pale Moon forked, Cyberfox is dead, basically all that's left as a real alternative is Waterfox.

ublock only addon that really matters, let's be honest, will work with 57.

User Info: spike_spiegel

6 months ago#42
arleas posted...
I just opened every tab for every website I could think of and then kept going for a while and I'm at just around 1GB of RAM being used... (27 tabs... I can't see how anyone can live with more than 10 tabs being used at once)

Maybe there IS a memory leak but it requires you leave the browser open 24/7 for a week to really experience it? I turn my computer off at night and I don't know of any reason to leave browsers open either so to me that's not luck, that's normal.

I just closed the 26 other tabs and my RAM usage is slowly going down... like it doesn't immediately drop...actually i'm seeing now that it's STILL around 1GB. Maybe it's keeping the pages cached in case I open the tabs again? Eh, I'll just close the browser and open it again to clear that out.

YouTube seems to trigger it more often than not. No idea why.

User Info: Marikhen

6 months ago#43
arleas posted...
Maybe there IS a memory leak but it requires you leave the browser open 24/7 for a week to really experience it?

There might be one like that, but most of the issues I've seen that could plausibly be described as memory leaks crop up with days, sometimes even hours depending on just what I'm doing. I've seen Firefox go from 1.5GB-2GB and stable/responsive to unstable and barely responsive at 5GB in a matter of hours while gaming and watching YouTube stuff.

spike_spiegel posted...

YouTube seems to trigger it more often than not. No idea why.

If you're using their HTML5 player it might have something to do with that. YouTube's Flash player leaves a bit to be desired, such as stability whenever it doesn't have focus and you're playing a video in full screen while doing something else, but I didn't notice some of the worst performance issues until I shut down the add-on that forces YouTube to use the Flash player and started letting YouTube use the HTML5 player at all times.

Hell, chain-watching videos on YouTube while gaming is the only way I've gotten Firefox to hit 10GB+ RAM usage without becoming utterly unusable and so unstable that it freezes/crashes on its own, and usually by that point it was still becoming unstable and crashing itself and/or the game I was playing.
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User Info: CursedPanther

6 months ago#44
So is there a date for F57's debut?

User Info: MC RaZaR

6 months ago#45
November 14th I believe.
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User Info: Ultrakill876x

6 months ago#46
well before I switched to chrome, I used firefox, and one program I used to control how much memory firefox uses is called FireMin

its not a perfect solution, even the developer says "if it works for you, then winrar yay, if not, then don't use it ever again, its your choice in the end"; when you download either the installer or the portable version, you can open either the 32-bit.exe one or the x64.exe one, and just configure the location of your firefox install (depending on which you got, 32 bit or 64 bit firefox), then just mess with the settings, set it to start when windows does, and you can set how much memory firefox is allowed to use instead of it hogging pretty much all of it
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

6 months ago#47 works best with Google Chrome and is designed around that Browser. So that is the only Browser I use.
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User Info: TheMKDestroyer

5 months ago#48
It was definitely something to do with firefox 56.0.0. It was updated to 56.0.2 and I accidently left it open all last night. When I came back it was only at 600mb of ram. Right now it's at 1300 from tabs I've opened. So it's been running for quite a while with no issues. Before it only took about an hour before it froze my computer.
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