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Firefox 56 is hot garbage.

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User Info: TheMKDestroyer

5 months ago#1
Ever since this update it's been having a huge memory leak issue. I normally leave my computer and the browser open all the time with no issues. Now when I leave it open it only takes about an hour before it slows down my computer. When task manager finally opens after like 10 minutes, it says firefox is using 2500mb of ram! What is going on here and is anyone else having issues with Firefox?

User Info: SinisterSlay

5 months ago#2
I'm still using firefox 50 so I dunno. Developer addons got broken after 50.
Still better than Chrome though, f*** chrome development is horrible. I've never seen a browser so insistent on caching everything, even when the javascript explicitly deletes cached items, you still get quota errors until you restart the browser. What an epic piece of s***...
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User Info: DiviDude

5 months ago#3
I've had Firefox open for several days and it's only eating up about 890 MB.

Yeah. Then again, even though I've been hearing about Firefox's memory leaks for a solid decade now, I've never experienced any, so maybe I'm just spectacularly lucky.

User Info: Marikhen

5 months ago#4
What do you mean ever since 56? Firefox 53 has some pretty nasty memory issues as well that cause it to swell up to over 5GB in size and run like "I don't have enough RAM" ass at just 2-3GB.

I can deal with that for the most part, however. It's the way that it just recently started crashing my nVidia drivers and then freezing up fairly regularly when I try to put YouTube videos into full screen and how it thinks that is a legitimate URL suggestion when I want and in spite of it not being a "real" site that I've ever visited. is a valid site, but /shudders.

SinisterSlay posted...
Still better than Chrome though, f*** chrome development is horrible. I've never seen a browser so insistent on caching everything

Not to mention wasting RAM. I ran it with one tab in one window for a week or two, and by the end of that period it was up to 2GB RAM usage at a minimum. o_O
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User Info: FL81

5 months ago#5
57 will be the worst release yet, gonna just stick with Pale Moon/FF52 ESR tbh

User Info: d209999

5 months ago#6
Edge master race!!!!!!!!

..............said no one ever
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User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#7
Haven't noticed TC's issue across multiple PC so far. However there seems to be a minor update labelled 56.0.1.

FL81 posted...
57 will be the worst release yet

And what is this supposed to be about?

User Info: CiRvAaZnY

5 months ago#8
Did you file a bug report?

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
5 months ago#9
not having this issue.

have had browser open for 2 hours now.
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User Info: Galcian

5 months ago#10
Pale Moon FTW
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