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Do you use speakers or headphones on your pc?

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User Info: Somato

5 months ago#31
ThePandaForest / Premature Tyrant is don_sf / DarKnight_sf

User Info: chris121691

5 months ago#32
kinda dumbass question is this..

User Info: CloneTheHero

5 months ago#33
mainly speakers and a sub which i have my stereo hooked up to as well as pc.

i cant be bothered with headphones unless its really late and i dont wanna wake anyone.

User Info: SubjectNineteen

5 months ago#34
I use my 4K TV for a monitor, and my, like, 10 year old Sony 5.1 Dolby sound system hooked to it for speakers. I have a Sound Blaster sound card, so I use optical out from my PC into my sound system.

But. I also have several (six, at present: an Xbox One, a Wii, a PS4, a Wii U, an Xbox 360, and PS3, from top to bottom and left to right of my entertainment center) consoles hooked to my TV.

So, all my consoles are connected into my TV via HDMI (or via RCA in the Wii's case), and then I run another TOSLINK cable from my TV into my sound card's optical input.

This means their sound, too, can benefit from my sound card. Plus I don't have to swap cords around. The only "down side" (it really isn't, hence the quotation marks) is that my computer needs to be on when I play on my consoles, or there won't be any sound.

...That seems pretty fitting, honestly, since it means in order to be heard, my consoles require my PC to let them speak. Hee hee.

I also have a pair of Turtle Beach Ear Force X12's. They're just lower end, general gaming headphones by themselves, but I also have the original Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS (Dolby Surround Sound) Processor, which gives any headphones (even something like Skull Candy headphones, or the ones you used to get with iPods) simulated mid-tier 7.1 Dolby surround sound.

The DSS is more for consoles, though, as I'd have to use my Sound Blaster to switch my PC's sound output to Dolby 5.1, and then I'd have to switch it back to default when I want to hear anything else (you can only hear Dolby sound when it's set for it, apparently).

Combined, if I were being completely anal about it, I'd say the setup offers maybe a 6/10 quality of sound. It's definitely not an audiophile-grade setup, and if I wanted "real" 7.1 headphones, I'd just buy a $150 to $200 or so pair, but this setup cost me less than half that about 5 years ago.

Sadly, I don't think the DSS is made anymore. There was a DSS 2, but it was a downgrade in some ways, like it did not have variable bass boost, just an 'on/off' switch for bass boost. That's why I didn't get it. It doesn't look like the DSS 2 is made anymore either. It seems like they're still able to be bought from third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay. But, honestly, just get a good pair of Dolby gaming headphones.

I live with two housemates, but I have a third of the house to myself, essentially, separated with a wall and French doors (Oo-la-la! So fancy!). Thus, noise from my speakers isn't typically an issue, so they're what I usually use when I game.

I only use my headphones now when I have to leave my area's doors open at night, like on hot summer nights ("...the beach was burning. There was fog crawling over the sand. And when I listened to your heart I hear the whole world turning. I see the shooting stars, falling through your trembling hands." ...Sorry, I was conjuring Meat Loaf there for a minute).

What's almost worse is on really cold winter nights (and I live in Minnesota, where they...well, used to, at least...get really cold) when my electric baseboard heaters go into overdrive in the same general time frame as when my one housemate sets the f***ing furnace (my side of the house used to be a garage, apparently, so it doesn't have duct heat or central air) up to, like, 90 degrees F! "It's hotter than a straining GPU in here," I'd like to say sometimes, but he's not a computer guy, so he'd just c*** his head at me and probably say, "What?"

So, tl;dr, it's really only when the temperature is s*** and I need to leave my third of the house's door's open that I use my headphones, is what I'm basically saying. But, I may try it for ambiance sometimes, too. Usually not. My stereo system is my go-to setup, 9.9 times out of 10.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 months ago#35
NGd72 posted...
Uh both?
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User Info: samurai1900

5 months ago#36
Usually my 7.2 surround system, but I do use my Beyerdynamic T90s when I am playing games with others / listening to music to see how my headphones handle it versus my speaker setup. - Reference grade - gaming files, guides, saves and videos.

User Info: Hatsune_Miku

5 months ago#37
Exclusively speakers, don't even own a pair of headphones that I would be comfortable using with my PC.

User Info: USF

5 months ago#38
Headphones, I even got rid of the speakers I had.
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User Info: Hatsune_Miku

5 months ago#40
500 watt logitec 5.1 surround sound from almost 15 years ago. Oldest thing still connected to my PC
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