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Do you use speakers or headphones on your pc?

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User Info: somebody336

5 months ago#21
Speakers. My headphones only get some use when it's too late to blast music and don't want to bother my neighbors.
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User Info: RyanEsau

5 months ago#22

I've never really used speakers when I had them.

I prefer to keep all my sound out of the environment.

I use my built in monitor speakers on rare occasion though to show someone something. Like "Hey, check out this silly YouTube video I ran across" and I'll switch audio to the monitor so they can hear it.

Only other time is when I'm playing on console on the TV. Although with my PS4 I'll sometimes plug headphones into the controller. Usually only when I'm watching Netflix or other content. Sometimes while gaming though.
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User Info: thanthen

5 months ago#23
headphones -> tinnitus. There is no cure.
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User Info: zhenghan

5 months ago#24
Speakers almost all of the time, headphones when playing porn only
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User Info: ZeroCharge

5 months ago#25
Both. I only use my headphones when I play a MP game with voice chat though, which isn't really that often anymore. Oh and super immersive games like the Metro games, I'll use them for that too since they have better sound than my speakers. Speakers for Youtube, music, and every other SP game.
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User Info: HeliosMagi

5 months ago#26
Speakers during the day, headphones at night so I don't wake up my folks.
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User Info: CursedPanther

5 months ago#27
Real 5.1 speakers only.

User Info: CrestedTax

5 months ago#28
Speakers. I have a good set of headphones but I use them mainly with my smartphone.

User Info: captsplatter_1

5 months ago#29
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User Info: spud_almighty

5 months ago#30
Using headphones frequently is okay if you want to go deaf in one or both ears within 10 yrs or so. My PC is hooked up to a hi-fi system. Remember those? From before lame docking stations!
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