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what is the most toxic player base for a PC game?

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  3. what is the most toxic player base for a PC game?

User Info: JonWood007

1 year ago#21
Probably league of legends.
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User Info: Lienhart

1 year ago#22
Has to be LoL. Maybe DoTA2

User Info: Ultimate_Noob

1 year ago#23
APB was the most toxic game I've ever played. It's a (now) F2P cops & robbers pvp game revolving around doing pvp missions in a public map. But the playerbase was absolute ass. From OCA Nano elitists, to ghosters (interfering someone's mission while not participating in it), to people using voice chat for insulting enemy teams/their own teammates, to Barrens-esque district chat, to the game's limitless aesthetic customization being a platform for casual racism and abrasive memes, to people who make death themes (5 second tunes that play when you get killed by someone) which intentionally glitch out and persist until you restart the game, to trolls who wedge your car in order to destroy it when they otherwise can't, to a plethora of other generally unlikable behavior. And a company who owns it all just not really caring.

I never played a lot of online shooters or MOBA's, but I imagine a lot of issues in those games could be solved just by muting/ignoring everyone around you. In APB, that was never enough.
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User Info: lmAtWork

1 year ago#24
League and Dota, Overwatch can be pretty bad too.

kobalobasileus posted...
Souls is always the answer.

You people need to git gud . . .or just get thicker skin, people aren't very toxic in Souls communities. It's just part of the joke where you imply others are bad at the game. People are usually pretty friendly, and there's even entire series wide "un-official" honour rules.

I can't think of another series where people across many languages and cultures have formed similar rules while almost exclusively having to use body language to communicate. You'll run into griefers or people who just invade and try to kill you, but that's part of the game. That's more of a "Don't hate the player, hate the game" scenario where you just shouldn't be playing Dark Souls if you aren't prepared for spontaneous PvP bouts, it's a core mechanic of the series and what makes the games so fun

Most people are super friendly and will give you pretty much any item in the game if you ask, and will help you beat bosses or make your build more efficient etc. I think the community gets a bad rep from casuls who go online to talk about not being able to beat X and instead of asking for tips, they just say the game is bad and get told to Git Gud
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User Info: Lienhart

1 year ago#26
pothocket posted...
lmAtWork posted...
You people need to git gud . . .or just get thicker skin, people aren't very toxic in Souls communities.

You might've had a point if you didn't casually throw out two insults in the same sentence stating the community isn't toxic.

Telling someone to git gud isn't an insult.

It's the same as telling someone to "get faster" or "get stronger" in any sport. If you think it is an insult, it means you think YOU SUCK and you should probably go fix that. If someone tells me to git gud I just laugh at the idea because I'm already confident in my abilities.

User Info: pothocket

1 year ago#27
Lienhart posted...
Telling someone to git gud isn't an insult.

Of course it is. I deleted my reply though because when I first read that comment I took it at face value but reread it as the joke it was meant to be

User Info: DragonGirlYuki

1 year ago#28
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