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Activision Granted Microtransaction Matchmaking Patent

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User Info: Skyrazer

4 months ago#51
Hatsune_Miku posted...
did they say they aren't implementing it, or they haven't implemented it yet? I also was reading the gamespot article, and it only references Destiny, not Destiny 2. Now it does say they it "has not been implemented in-game", and not that it "isn't going to be implemented in-game", two completely different things.

Even if said they wouldn't be implementing it, I wouldn't be taking them for their word. You know they'll just break their promise when it conveniences them.

Not to mention this would now put ideas in other publisher's heads so it wouldn't surprise me if it's not Activision but someone else who's the first to implement something like this.
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User Info: yohabroha

4 months ago#52
MaximumDonkey posted...
ClunkerSlim posted...
How the f*** is matchmaking based on microtransactions not evil as f***? And I guarantee, you won't know when it's been implemented or when it's happening. It will be completely behind the scenes. And you know the first company that will line up to try it? The company that loves to dick around with matchmaking? Bungie.

Wait. Do they actually sell guns in Destiny 2? I only played the first and that was before microtransactions I think. Or at least before I was aware of them.

they sell the upgrades for your guns is what i've been lead to believe
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User Info: gwizzler

4 months ago#53
Jonexe posted...
Remember that slippery slope everyone talked about when DLC started to get big?

Well, here we are, sliding right down the hill.

I wouldn't say it's a slippery slope, more like a boulder falling down a gradually steeper incline. It's only a matter of time before a good idea turns to s*** in this industry.
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