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PC has officially won - Sony to publish PC games under new label

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User Info: Death_Born

6 months ago#41
MangorushZ_ posted...
So when can we see Bloodborne and Persona 5 on PC then?

Persona 5 is already playable on PC using the RPCS3 emulator.

Bloodborne, being a system selling killer app, I don't see ever coming to PC. It was funded by Sony for the express purpose of being a PS4 exclusive (and in my opinion was a good thing - it meant Miyazaki could work on a game in such an interesting setting instead of yet another Dark Souls). I'll take Bloodborne over a better Dark Souls 2 anyday.

User Info: nominturddaddy

6 months ago#42
I bought a PS4 to replay FFXII because otherwise no HD font. Sony won.

User Info: Golden_Gonads

6 months ago#43
Lienhart posted...
Really? Why the f*** is Atlus only going half way? Or do they actually have no legal ground?

No grounds at all. All they may legally be able to do is get the description of the project changed so that it doesn't mention Persona.

User Info: Beasthunt

6 months ago#44
If they publish all of their exclusives to PC then it's pretty much game over. M$ exclusives come to PC.

There will be zero reason for me to own those consoles. Phenomenal.
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User Info: Pengu1n

6 months ago#45
gtomanga posted...
ritsuka66 posted...
Funny, Nintendo games still not coming for PC.
and uncensored.

But that's with an emulator. Nintendo games still aren't on PC and never will be.

User Info: arleas

6 months ago#46
Pengu1n posted...
But that's with an emulator.

And thank God for that. If Nintendo ever officially released games for PC they'd lock down the modding scene so tight that it would be boring. Nintendo is like the most uptight game company still in business.
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User Info: CraiCrushna

6 months ago#47
Also Persona a s***ty franchise. Have fun kids!

User Info: Legolas432

6 months ago#48
Lienhart posted...
Jedi454 posted...
wizardmon posted...
Jedi454 posted...
No legal ground when emulation is perfectly legal.

Even though it's perfectly legal as proven by previous case law, it doesn't stop larger bully corporations from burying small projects and people with legal fees.

They don't even have to be able to win when the other team can't afford a good copyright lawyer to work on the purposefully en-lengthened case for 1+years at $200+ dollars an hour.

The American legal system always favours the person with more money. Such a corrupt system.

Any human made system will always be exploited to its fullest potential so it isn't just America. Here's an example:

Up in Canada Ontario, they gave the cops the power to suspend and impound any vehicles caught doing over 50 the limit. Sounds reasonable right?

Except after the law was implemented, there have been numerous incidents where cops will ding people who are not speeding or no where near 50 over, get the car impounded, and receive a kick back from the impound facility. Obviously this is not legal and the tickets never stick once challenged in court but the driver has to pay the impound fee to remove the car from the impound...unless they wait until court date which is a few months at minimum at most places.

I wish Mother Nature was actually a thing that could create rules on demand. Human made systems are always exploitable.

What? I live in Ontario and thats not true lol, haven't heard of it and has not happened to me.

User Info: arleas

6 months ago#49
Legolas432 posted...
What? I live in Ontario and thats not true lol, haven't heard of it and has not happened to me.

Found with a yahoo search (yeah yeah, I decided to try other search engines). So apparently it's a thing as far back as 2007.

As for the charges that cops were using it for shady business, I didn't search for that...
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User Info: Heisenberg312

6 months ago#50
Actually, Sony won.
Sony making games for pc is just them tapping into another revenue stream.
Sony made games for android too, don'chaknow.
Now, say my name.
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