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What is currently your favorite game available on PC?

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User Info: Demon_Hunter94

6 months ago#11
Rocket League. Pretty much the only game I've played in the past three years aside from some TiF2 and D2 when the ladder reset in May.

I've also been playing A Link to the Past Randomizers the past couple weeks if you count that.
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User Info: Jedi454

6 months ago#12
Got into Path of Exile this league and clocked over 500 hours.
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User Info: Otimus

6 months ago#13
Sim City 4 or Civilization V or 6. Probably one of those.

I'd like to say Starsiege Tribes, but it's online isn't good anymore because of it's age and (lack there of) popularity, and getting my friends together to play it is just not going to happen. But when I could, or if I could, that'd be it instead.
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User Info: Hagan

6 months ago#14
I've been playing Overwatch on PC since beta, with only a couple of one week breaks over the past~16 months since its been out. I played PUBG for a bit but I went back to Overwatch and I haven't launch PUBG in over a week or two. Destiny 2 might share my playtime with Overwatch when it launches on PC.
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User Info: Renraku_San

6 months ago#15
Probably Cities: Skylines.
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